28 Apr 2016

The greasy hair saviour - L'Oreal extraordinary clay

I've been struggling with greasy roots for years, so much so that I'd practically given up trying out new shampoos and treatments, and had just resigned myself to being an every day washer.  When I first heard about the Elvive Extraordinary Clay range I wasn't even interested, because these things never seem to work for me, but after I saw a few positive mentions popping up on social media, and then a special offer in Boots, I gave in decided to try it out.

26 Apr 2016

Crown Brush 10 colour concealer palette and face brush review

So this is going to be a review of the Crown Brush 10 colour concealer palette (and brushes), but forgive me if at any point I call it a 'contour palette' by mistake, as that's all I see when I look at this array of light to dark creamy shades!  

21 Apr 2016

The Body Shop British Rose collection

The Body Shop British Rose collection is a perfect range for spring with packaging covered in beautiful blooms and softly rose scented products.  The collection is huge covering bath and body, fragrance, makeup and nails, so there's something for everyone, and makes it easier for us all to justify picking up something up from the range!

19 Apr 2016

Finally, a hands-free hairdryer, and it's a game changer!

I've never been one of those people that's just naturally good at doing their hair.  I can't french-plait, I can't fish-tail, and I certainly haven't mastered the art of the round brush bouncy blow dry, always blaming it on the fact that I just don't have enough hands for the job.  It was a good few years ago that I remember first moaning about needing a hands-free hairdryer for this exact issue, and now it's actually a reality!

15 Apr 2016

Three perfect primers

Okay well maybe not 100% perfect, I just liked the alliteration, but these are certainly three really good primers that I’ve been switching between lately depending on what tricks my skin feels like getting up to.  I never go without a primer under my foundation, as not only do most primers make your makeup last longer, they can prep the skin, hide redness, add radiance, balance oil and hydration,  blur lines and do all sorts of other good things in an attempt to make my finished face look more flawless.

1 Apr 2016

The March beauty breakdown

March has been such a busy month for me with my birthday and two trips away (one to a log cabin in the woods which I blogged about here - Log cabin weekend away in Norfolk - and one to Rome over my birthday which I shall be writing about very soon) - I've been very lucky!  I'm not complaining of course, but I've become a little bit behind with everything I want to blog about, so my beauty breakdown round-up is the perfect opportunity for a fast catch up to get you up to speed on some of the items I've been excited to share this month... no April Fools here!

30 Mar 2016

REN instant brightening beauty shot eye lift review

The REN Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Lift (a very grand name for an eye cream!) has recently launched, and with a promise like 'eye lift' in the title, of course I was going to want to try it out...

29 Mar 2016

Shea Moisture strengthen and restore shampoo and treatment masque review

My hair has been drier than ever this winter in the lengths and ends, and I've really noticed it looking more damaged.  For the first time I think I'd actually class my hair as brittle, and it's been prone to breaking, so the ideal time to be trying out some of the Shea Moisture range seeing as it's named 'strengthen and restore'!

23 Mar 2016

Travel: Romantic log cabin weekend in Norfolk with Forest Holidays

On the weekend of Mother's Day I was a very bad daughter and went away with Dan to stay in a log cabin in the woods!  In my defence, when I booked this trip back in December I had no idea that it was over Mother's day as it was much earlier than usual this year!  I've not been on this kind of break before, but we had such a great, relaxing time, so I thought I'd share some photos and tell you a bit about what we got up to at Thorpe Forest.

2 Mar 2016

Mother's Day gifts at Boots from NUXE and L'Oreal

Although the actual date of Mother's Day changes each year, it's of course always on a Sunday, which is handy if you've left things to the last minute as you can pop to the shops on the Saturday!  Boots is always a good place to go for a last minute Mother's Day present, and this year you'll find plenty of specially designed gift sets like these from NUXE and L'Oreal.

29 Feb 2016

Mother's Day beauty and skincare gift guide

Following on from yesterday's post featuring some beautiful Mother's Day flowers, I wanted to share some more options for gifting, and what better way to treat your Mum to some relaxing me time, than with a pamper hamper or basket?  You could include some of her skincare favourites, new makeup to try, products for a relaxing bath and maybe some luxury chocolates - whatever you put in, your Mum's sure to love that you put it all together just for her and really thought about what she would like.  Mums like whatever we give them as gifts - it's sort of their job - but I think it's nice to pull together something a little extra special.

28 Feb 2016

Mother's Day luxury avalanche rose bouquet from Debenhams Flowers and25% off discount code!

Mother's Day is much earlier than usual this year, it literally snuck up on me, so this is your one week warning!  My birthday is in  mid-March, and usually Mother's day is the week after my birthday, so I've actually managed to book to be away over Mother's Day weekend without realising.  Ooops, sorry Mum!  I think all will be forgiven fairly easily, because I have these gorgeous Mother's Day blooms from Debenhams Flowers to make up for it!

25 Feb 2016

Zoeva spectrum palette review and swatches - nude and coral

Zoeva brushes and palettes usually make me come over all heart-eyed-emoji at the best of times, so when I first spotted the Spectrum collection I was ready to place an order instantly.  I don't know what it is about how Zoeva have presented these new blush and eye palettes, but they're so god damn alluring!  The eye palettes in particular have such a dreamy combination of colours and textures, and they're in three very wearable colour collections - cool, warm and nude.  There was no question that nude needed to be winging its way to me, and you can't have a product getting lonely on the journey, so I decided to treat myself to one of the blush palettes too, because they're almost as gorgeous.

19 Feb 2016

Vichy Dermablend high coverage foundation and setting powder review

I love a high coverage foundation, it's like a personal safety blanket for my face, and I'm always looking for the perfect match in terms of colour, staying power, and believable texture on the skin.  Vichy make the Dermablend range which is designed to cover up everything from scars to tattoos, so you could say they know a thing or two about coverage, and it seemed about time I gave their foundation a try.

17 Feb 2016

Gwen Stefani X Urban Decay collection part two - the blush palette, a brow palette and lots of lovely lip products

It seems not so long ago that I was squealing with excitement over the much anticipated release of Gwen Stefani's eyeshadow palette collaboration with Urban Decay, and now we have a whole new drop of goodness!  When I first saw the blush palette as a sneak preview on instagram I immediately loved the look of the colours and the styling, and couldn't wait to give those shades a good swatch!  There's also plenty more to this collection - new lippies, liners and a brow palette to boot.  Read on for the swatch-fest and my thoughts on each of the products.

12 Feb 2016

My winter beauty essentials

Oh my goodness it's freezing out there right now!  I love winter, I really do, but wow it's cold.  Winter more than any season calls for some specialist kit to beat the harsh effects of the weather, and although right now I feel like my winter essentials are my electric blanket, earmuffs and gloves, I thought I'd share my slightly more interesting, winter beauty essentials :)

5 Feb 2016

The January beauty breakdown

So a year or so ago, I gave up on monthly favourites posts because I just don't have that many new or changing favourites to talk about with that kind of regularity.  I've done the odd seasonal favourites, which I enjoy, but I think I'm now missing some sort of monthly round up, and that's where the beauty breakdown comes in.  It's somewhere for me to talk about all that's gone on for me in beauty in the month, that might include favourites, products that didn't work out for me, new releases and everything in between.  I love a little new year refresh, blog included!  So let's do this, here's the January beauty breakdown...

26 Jan 2016

Drugstore bargain beauty products (and some high-end dupes!)

January can be a difficult month for so many reasons - you get the post-Christmas blues, your clothes are too tight, it's freezing cold and worst of all, you've blown all your money and January pay day takes forever to come round!  My pay day is on 27th each month, so I'm still waiting - one more day!  January's not the time to be blowing what little cash you have left on high-end beauty, so I thought I'd share some of my favourite bargains from the drugstore - some of them are great dupes for pricier products too.

21 Jan 2016

Eloquence skincare review

Well hello there mid-January - my Christmas break seems to have over-run slightly...  After a lovely Christmas and New Year I've embarked on a few big lifestyle changes (more about that in an update post soon) which have taken up a lot of my time, coupled with the fact that my ring light bulb has blown *sob* and is proving very difficult to replace!  But, silver linings and all that, it's meant that I've had a long, uninterrupted trial period for some fresh new skincare from a brand called Eloquence.

22 Dec 2015

Home for Christmas - decorations, tableware and home comforts

Oh my goodness it's Christmas week - Christmas is actually on Friday!  No matter how hard I try to prepare, or how early I start planning, a familiar panic sets in during the final few days leading up to Christmas.  Have I forgotten to buy a gift for someone?  Have I missed a vital item off the grocery list?  Did I get all the neighbours' names right for their cards?  Everything's probably fine, but that little bit of Christmas fretting always happens to me regardless - partly I think it's pure excitement - I still can't sleep on Christmas Eve!