16 Nov 2017

Caudalie Christmas gifts - The Divine Body Collection and French Kiss Trio

Caudalie is a brand that I only started to become familiar with around this time last year, but I've already tried several products and have found some that I really love.  I'm currently trying out the Resveratrol Lift Eye balm and also have a tube each on the go of my favourite Instant Detox Mask and Deep Cleansing Exfoliator.  Christmas can be just the right time to try new products from a brand as usually you'll find gift sets which work out much cheaper than buying each product separately, and that's exactly the case with Caudalie's Christmas collection

14 Nov 2017

Gatineau Christmas gifts

I absolutely love this time of year for so many reasons, with one of the main draws being all of the amazing Christmas launches that are around.  I completely get that feeling of being a kid armed with the Argos catalogue and a marker pen all over again when I browse through my favourite online shops or the Christmas gift guide magazines.  One of the ranges that has first caught my eye this year is Gatineau because I absolutely love how pretty they've made their sets.  Everything is either pale pink and rose gold or grey and rose gold - call me basic if you like, but I'm in heaven!

9 Nov 2017

Botanical beauty buys from thehut.com

Love them or loathe them, some of the latest trends in fashion are hard to miss, jumping out at us from magazines, Topshop windows and those oh so candid instagram OOTDs.  But are you as likely to notice what's trending in beauty?  Beauty trends are often influenced by the fashion industry but are also branching out in their own right as brands gain cult followings, new product launches have waiting lists and we're all obsessing over skincare trends from foreign shores.  Korean and Japanese beauty influences are one of the biggest trends that you've probably noticed within the last year or two - the popularity of sheet masks  for example seems to have rocketed out of nowhere, and you can hardly move for brands offering to hydrate your skin while you relax looking like a tiger / panda / unicorn etc.  

2 Nov 2017

Christian Breton Delicious Face Oil and SOS Eye Balm review

My skin is becoming more and more dry and dehydrated as I'm getting older, and I'm finally coming to terms with that, I think!  Moving into autumn and winter my skin would always become less oily, but I do now really have battles with dry patches, particularly under my eyes.  Christian Breton is a skincare brand I've not tried before, but the two products I'm talking about today really seemed to speak to the skin I'm finding I have now, so I was happy to give them some proper road testing.  

31 Oct 2017

Jessica Street Style autumn / winter 2017 collection swatches

I know it's such a blogger cliche, but I love pretty much everything about autumn!  Changing up from the pastel shades of spring and hot brights of summer, I love the contrast of autumn's moodier colour palette.  Jessica have a new collection our for autumn / winter 2017 called Street Style, and it's full of the kind of shades I can't wait to wear at this time of year.  

26 Oct 2017

L'Occitane luxury beauty advent calendar for 2017

What better way to kick off my first Christmas post of 2017 than with an extra special advent calendar from one of my favourite brands?!  I've enjoyed opening the doors of a L'Occitane advent calendar for the past couple of years, but for 2017 there are two options for your festive count downs - the classic beauty advent calendar and the new luxury beauty advent calendar.  You wouldn't be disappointed with either as they're both packed with goodies, but there's something extra special about the new luxury advent calendar which has caught my eye this year.  

23 Oct 2017

Too Faced melted latex liquified high shine lipstick review and swatches

Too Faced have done it again with their latest stunning range of lip colours in a fab new formula.  I own a fair few shades from their original melted lipstick range and really like the intense pigment and smooth texture.  Next came the melted matte lipsticks, which pack the same colour punch and also last practically all day - the shades I have are Child Star (gorgeous nude) and Queen B which I'd say is a dirty pink-mauve sort of colour - I count this one as one of my all time favourite lipsticks - it's certainly my most worn.  So my expectations were pretty high for the new collection which is the Melted Latex liquified high shine lipsticks.  

20 Oct 2017

REN atlantic kelp and magnesium anti-fatigue body cream and body wash review

Now you might not believe this, but a couple of months ago, I joined the gym.  It's incredibly unlike me to have a go at anything remotely physical, so nobody's more surprised than me that I've taken the plunge!  I'm still very much a newbie and am taking things one step at a time, but I've been trying aquafit and zumba classes alongside stints on the bike and treadmill.  Nothing groundbreaking, but a big change for me, and I'd go as far as to say that I'm enjoying it!  

12 Sep 2017

Nyasa London skincare review

I really enjoy trying out new skincare and felt like I was in for a real treat when I received some products from the Nyasa London range.  For one the packaging is beautiful - I can never resist a butterfly! Nyasa's a natural brand, but that doesn't mean that there's any skimping on performance - one of the main ingredients in the range is the resurrection plant, a plant which is native to the desert and can withstand prolonged periods of dehydration.  The mantra is restore - refuel - recharge and the focus is on providing the skin with all of the nutrients and support it needs every day, including ensuring the right amount of sleep, water and good food.  

1 Sep 2017

Introducing Your Beauty Club!

We made it to Friday!  I can't promise you a three day weekend this week sadly, but I do have some exciting news to share instead!  I'm going to be working with Your Beauty Club which is a new site offering deals and offers on beauty brands.  I love to find an offer or a discount when I'm shopping for makeup - ultimately it means I can buy more of what's on my wish list!

31 Aug 2017

Crystal Clear COMCIT Elite facial experience

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited down the Beauty-Plus salon in Dulwich to experience the Crystal Clear COMCIT Elite facial.  It's more commonly known as the 'frozen facial' as part of the treatment involves using extreme cold!  I knew it probably wasn't going to be the most relaxing and pampering facial I'd ever had in my life, but I was really interested to give it a go and to see the glow-giving and anti-ageing results it promises.  

24 Aug 2017

Benefit's new Boi-ing concealer range

Just when I was thinking to myself that I needed to try a new concealer, along comes Benefit with a fully re-launched range!  Some days the makeup Gods really do smile down!  

15 Aug 2017

Blossoming Gifts bouquet review plus 33% off discount code and giveaway!

There's literally nothing guaranteed to brighten your day more than receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers, is there?  Although maybe a chocolate bouquet pips the blooms at the post just a little, if you're a chocaholic!  Both of these gorgeous gift bouquets are from blossoming gifts, and one of you lucky people is going to win a bouquet of your choice!

11 Aug 2017

The palette EVERYBODY'S talking about - Urban Decay's Naked Heat

Having always been a fan of more nude and muted shades when it comes to eyeshadow, I've been a natural follower of Urban Decay's Naked collections, and I actually have all of the palettes.  There were the three original Naked palettes one to three, the two Naked Basics palettes filled with matte shades, and then the Naked Smoky palette, which was a bit of a leap into a new direction with some much moodier shades.  I think the next palette to come out was the Naked Ultimate Basics, and possibly I thought that was the end of the road for the original Naked style palettes, as this one was a new style square palette - bigger than the other Basics palettes, packed with neutral matte colours, but not the same shape or layout as the long Naked Palettes.  I guess I thought that we'd run out of ways to get Naked, so I was genuinely taken by surprise when Naked Heat came along.  I saw it on Instagram for the first time one day, and didn't connect it as being an Urban Decay Naked palette immediately - it looked kind of red - what sorcery was this?! It was the first time that I thought an eye palette from the Naked range wasn't for me, and I must admit I was a little bit sad about that!  

7 Aug 2017

The best lighting for applying makeup #ad

I'm not the biggest fan of summer - I'm much more of an autumn and winter kind of person - but one of the best things about this time of year is the long days and all the wonderful natural light.  It makes taking blog photos a whole lot easier, and putting my makeup on in natural daylight is a huge bonus too! 

When the darker nights are back I'll love cozying up with my cinnamon scented candles and wearing my thick tights and fluffy socks, but I'll dread the gloomy mornings.  As well as struggling to get out of bed, I know I'll be battling against badly blended contour and foundation tide marks on my neck all over again!   

4 Aug 2017

My summer essentials

It feels a little odd sitting down to write about my essential summer products when it's so grey and drizzly outside - you'd never know it was August!  I won't complain though, as we've had some gorgeous weather so far this year, and I'm sure there's more to come.  I haven't got a nice beach holiday to look forward to this year, so I've been making the most of the British summer!

31 Jul 2017

Too Faced Natural Love Palette and Love Light Highlighters - review and swatches

I've long been a fan of Too Faced and I think I've mentioned before that I still have a collection of their 'quickie chronicals' palettes from way, way back in the day.  They're probably to old to use now, but I just like to hoard them anyway!  I own a lot of Too Faced eye shadow palettes, so when the new Natural Love palette was launched, much as I thought it was beautiful, I wasn't sure I needed it, as some of the colours are repeats of previous smaller palettes such as the Natural Eye and Natural at Night palettes which I have.  On a trip to Oxford Street I saw the palette in real life in Debenhams, and despite there being some dupes with my existing collection, some of the new colours were just too pretty to resist.  I bought the palette there and then and haven't regretted it one bit!  

6 Jul 2017

The new summer nail collection - Prime from Jessica

Summer calls for bright and fun nails, and the new prime collection from Jessica is about everything you could wish for.  Every sunny summer hue is covered, and you might need your shades ready because they're all beautifully bright.

22 Jun 2017

Rose gold brush collection from Beau Belle

It's no secret that I love rose gold, I mean come on, don't we all?  There's just something so irresistible about things that are pink and shiny, and this new brush collection from Beau Belle is no exception - just look at them - aren't they amazing?  And they're super instagramable too of course! 

13 Jun 2017

The YSL brow wardrobe

Embarrassingly enough, it wasn’t all that many years ago that I didn’t own any brow makeup – I used to just pluck and go and my goodness the results were pretty horrendous when I look back!  I think all us nineties kids have been there though to be fair, tadpole brows went so well with those peddle pushers and Spice Girls t-shirts...