16 Apr 2014

Beauty: Urban Decay electric palette

Ahh behold the beauty of the thrillingly different, apologetically loud, Urban Decay electric palette.  When I opened the lid I thought I might need to run and hide - this is certainly no 'Naked' palette!  But I've totally overcome my fear of bright eye colours since owning this, and have fallen in love with a new look.  

14 Apr 2014

Nails: Models Own polish for tans swatches

Models Own have a new collection and boy is this one bright!  It's their summer ready polish for tans collection - grab your sunglasses and get ready for some sizzling swatches!

12 Apr 2014

My new ipad mini and baby blue case from thesnugg.co.uk

When the guys at thesnugg.co.uk heard I'd got a new ipad mini they thought it would be a good idea to send me something to keep it safe and looking pretty.  I had a browse around their site and picked out this pretty baby blue ipad mini executive case which also doubles up as a stand - perfect for when I'm watching youtube videos or netflix!  

8 Apr 2014

Win: Vera Wang Pink Princess giveaway with cohorted.co.uk *CLOSED*

Fancy winning yourself a super-sparkly bottle of Vera Wang Pink Princess perfume?  I've teamed up with the new social shopping website cohorted.co.uk to give one away!

4 Apr 2014

Beauty: pretty gifts from Heathcote & Ivory

Heathcote & Ivory is a website I've mentioned before which is a great destination for gift buying.  They stock lots of super cute beauty and bathing gifts, usually with a pretty vintage floral twist.  

2 Apr 2014

Beauty: Kiko boulevard rock collection

These are a selection of products from Kiko's latest range - Boulevard Rock.  It's a limited edition collection inspired by the London rock music scene, which lends itself to some seriously colourful, denim-look packaging.  Kiko always has seriously exciting packaging for all of their limited edition collections - I never want to throw my boxes away!  

31 Mar 2014

minty fresh spring style

Ever since my friend showed me the mint green bridesmaids' dresses she'd picked for her wedding all I see everywhere I go is mint green.  When I was looking for a dress to wear to that wedding all that jumped out at me was mint green, but of course you can't wear the same colour as the bridesmaids!  

Mint's such a fresh colour and I love to wear it in Spring, so now I'm no longer tied by wedding rules I've been perusing what's out there.  It's not just clothes either, I'm spotting minty beauty products like the EOS lip balm, and minty jewellery like the starfish bracelet when I was looking at Zayah's jade jewellery collection. Mint candy apple is a favourite Essie polish for me this time each year, and I particularly love the asos cut-out mint clutch - I definitely need to add it to my Spring wardrobe asap.  

25 Mar 2014

Introducing ebay collections

I'm back from New York and while I've been away on holiday and a bit of an extended blogging break, ebay have launched a great new feature called collections.  It's a new way of getting inspiration and tracking down some of the best finds ebay has to offer.  Loads of bloggers including myself were invited to create their own collections around their preferred themes - I went for beauty of course!  

You can have a look at the collections I've created here and have a browse to see what everyone else has been gathering too.  You can follow collection boards and people, or just search for what you're after, which can be a lot easier than trawling the thousands of search results you might usually get.  It's like someone's done that bit of the hard work and just left you with the real hidden gems.  

I'm loving this collection of iphone covers with little quotes on, these beautiful statement necklaces and these fun Japanese beauty products.  From my own collections my favourites are my round up of the best US drugstore beauty products (yes you can find them all on ebay!) and this pretty collection of spring nail polish colours.

Have a little browse of the ebay collections people have already created, choose some to follow, and maybe get going on some of your own - beware, it's quite addicitive!  

17 Mar 2014

Beauty: February faves and fails

We're into the second half of March and I'm giving you February favourites.  That says a lot about the state of my blogging schedule right now!  I'm currently away in New York City and because I become a crazy planning worrier before I go on holiday, things have been a bit sporadic on the blogging front whilst I've made lots of lists, over-planned my trip and shopped for things I probably don't need to pack.  A slightly more normal service should resume after next week :)

10 Mar 2014

Beauty: Illamasqua glamore collection review and swatches

I apologise for being so late talking about the wonderful Glamore collection from Illamasqua.  A beautiful collection of lip and nail products which I've been all over in terms of wearing them like crazy since I got them.  Without going into a rant or a moan, life's just been getting in the way lately and also with my trip to New York now so close (squeeeeeal!) my blog has been neglected.  One post a week seems to be the maximum I can manage right now - hardly what I intended for flutter and sparkle in 2014.  Hopefully I'll be able to sort that out really soon, but for now let's talk about gorgeous new punchy colours from Illamasqua!

3 Mar 2014

Nails: Models Own speckled egg collection review and swatches

With Easter coming up Models Own are launching a very appropriate collection called Speckled Eggs.  There are five colours in this bird's egg inspired collection and I have three of the pretty pastel shades to play with.

26 Feb 2014

Beauty: skincare update

As winter drags on, my skin is still feeling about as dull as the horrible weather, so it’s a great time to try out some more new skin care to pick me up a little.  We’re tackling all of the Winter’s dreary ‘Ds’ dullness, dryness, discolouration and errr, drunken injuries!

17 Feb 2014

Nails: swatches of the L'Oreal les blancs and top coat collections for spring / summer 2014

Pastel nail colours tend to come out every Spring, but it's the kind of colour palette I'll never tire of.  There's something so fresh and pretty about ice cream shades after a dark and dull winter, and it gets me every time.  L'Oreal's latest Spring offering has four beautiful pastel shades in formulas so brilliant that you'll want them even if you already have these colours in your collection.

14 Feb 2014

Nails: Valentine's heart mani with water decals

As it's Valentine's day I thought I'd use it as an excuse for some heart themed nails.  I'd been meaning to try out some water decals for a while, so I ordered these cute hearts from ebay.  

11 Feb 2014

Beauty: January faves and fails

Better late than never, let's have a look at my favourites and a couple of fails from the products I've been using in January.

7 Feb 2014

Beauty: bare minerals true romantic collection

With Valentine's day coming up it's a great excuse to be playing with some romantic makeup looks in soft rosy shades.  Bare Minerals have launched a mini collection called True Romantic featuring the most stunning rose gold packaging - I'm a total magpie for all things rose gold, so I absolutely love this collection.  

5 Feb 2014

Wishlist: Exciting new beauty launches

beauty wishlist header

I'm waving a pretty cheery goodbye to January - it's possibly my least favourite month of the year.  Not only is the weather dull and dreary and Christmas is over but I almost always have absolutely no money left over after Christmas and the sales and have the longest wait for payday ever.  I don't know whether it was delirium induced by my spending ban, but new products seemed to be launching ten a penny in January when I could least afford to buy them, so I've built up quite the wishlist.  Now that February and pay day are both here, my only concern is what I'll buy first.

3 Feb 2014

Valentine's day necklace picks

As it's now February I'm deeming it acceptable to start talking about Valentine's Day.  I think men are really hard to buy for when it comes to Valentine's gifts, as most stores gear up with gifts for women.  I guess the problem is the guys get spoilt for choice!  I think a necklace is a fairly safe choice for a Valentine's gift as you don't need to guess any sizes, or check for pierced ears.  I've picked out some of my favourites across all budgets.

31 Jan 2014

Nails: New from Models Own - hypergel review and swatches

Ooooh a new Models Own collection!  I’m always so excited to see what Model’s Own are bringing out as it’s never just a range of new colours, there’s always a twist and they’re not afraid to experiment with all sorts of textures and finishes.  The latest collection is called hyper gel, and it doesn’t disappoint.