29 Jan 2015

Beauty: Real Techniques bold metals collection - arched powder, tapered blush and oval shadow brush review

The second I spotted these beautiful, shiny Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes on Sam Chapman's Instagram, I developed a bit of an obsession.  I originally thought it was a collection of three brushes in a choice of different metal colourways and obviously intended to snap up the rose gold ones a-s.a.p.  But, after a few more sneaky peeks were released, it became clear that it was a collection of seven different brushes, colour-coded based on their intended use.  The rose gold brushes are for finishing, the golds are for base and the silver brushes are for eyes.  

28 Jan 2015

Beauty: Makeup Revolution Lip Lava liquid lipstick review and swatches

Last week saw yet another exciting new release from Makeup Revolution - a range of five amazing liquid lipsticks in beautiful vivid shades.  I'm incredibly impressed with the formula, pigmentation and staying power of the Lip Lava liquid lipsticks, and they're only £2.99 each!

26 Jan 2015

Beauty: Makeup Revolution blush options review

After adoring my first brush with blush at Makeup Revolution - which was in the form of the stunning sugar and spice blush palette I swatched here - I decided to check out some of the other many formulas in their line up.  

25 Jan 2015

The Netflix Tag

I spotted this tag on Alice Anne's blog - anniewritesbeauty.co.uk - and I thought I'd give it a go as I'm a bit (a lot) of a Netflix addict...

23 Jan 2015

22 Jan 2015

Nails: The new colour chrome collection by Models Own

2015's only just begun and Models Own are already straight in there with an amazing new collection.  I spotted these on their instagram page before I knew anything about the collection and was immediately drawn in by the super shiny, sleek packaging.  These polishes won't just look good on your nails, they're little works of art for your polish collection too!  

21 Jan 2015

Beauty: The Naked Chocolate palette from Makeup Revolution

Another week, another new release from Makeup Revolution, and this time it's a new addition to their chocolate palettes.  Joining the existing I heart chocolate and Death by chocolate palettes is The Naked Chocolate palette, which looks like a big tasty milky bar!

19 Jan 2015

Six top savings hacks #Halihacks

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Halifax via Mode Media.  The Opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Halifax. 

As January's notoriously the time when we make plans and resolutions for the rest of the year, it feels right to be talking about savings, whether it's putting aside money for a sunny summer holiday, or those bigger long-term goals like saving for a car or a flat.  Here I'm listing my top six hacks for achievable saving when you want to save up for something special.  

14 Jan 2015

Beauty: Is this the world's best concealer?

When a product has the word 'amazing' in its title and uses tag lines like 'the world's best concealer' I'm both intrigued and sceptical in equal measure.  I'm a big fan of high coverage concealers, and actually they're not easily found on the highstreet - lots of concealers I've tried make such a wishy-washy attempt at hiding flaws, so of course I needed to try the one which claims to be the best.

13 Jan 2015

Nails: January nail detox with Nail HQ!

It just recently occurred to me, that winter is a pretty tough time for your nails.  They're exposed to the icy temperatures outside and also drying central heating inside, just as much as our skin.  Plus, Christmas party season has nails subjected to all manner of glitter polishes, dark staining colours, gel manicures and of course constant costume changes from one nail art look to another.  Many would embark on a new diet or exercise plan in January but for me, it's a nail detox!  

9 Jan 2015

Beauty: New from Makeup Revolution - Ultra Velour Lip Creams

I have more Makeup Revolution goodness for you today, all wrapped in beautiful, shiny, rose gold packaging.  Makeup Revolution's new lip line is a range of ten semi-matte, creme lip shades and I've already picked out some firm favourites.

8 Jan 2015

Beauty: New from Makeup Revolution - the Euphoria palette in bronzed

The Christmas and New Year break was so lovely, but it's put me so behind with all things blog related!  I instagrammed this stunning new palette from Makeup Revolution back in mid-December and it ended up being one of my most 'liked' photos of the year, so I know you lot are going to love this and I'm sorry it's taken me a while to share!

7 Jan 2015

Skincare: My first introduction to Kiehl's skincare

Shortly before Christmas a little Kiehl's store popped up in my local shopping centre.  The centre's having a total revamp, and we're even getting a MAC store, so it's all very exciting, as well as bad for the bank balance.  At around the same time, I received some Kiehl's products to try, so it's been a perfect introduction to the brand for me.  

6 Jan 2015

Cute personalised necklaces by J&S from notonthehighstreet.com

I think I might be over big chunky statement necklaces, well at the minute anyway - I've done a complete one-eighty and am currently lusting after much smaller, daintier styles, particularly those with a handmade, quirky and individual feel.  When I was supposed to be shopping for gifts for others at notonthehighstreet.com before Christmas, I came across these sweet little personalised necklaces from a brand called J&S, run by sisters Jenny and Sophie.  They're exactly the kind of thing I'm into now, and I love that you can personalise them not only with an initial but also by making choices about the colours and pendant charms too.

5 Jan 2015

Beauty: Nars audacious lipsticks - Charlottle, Anna and Dominique

When the excitement of Nars' latest lipstick launch - Nars audacious - hit back in September or October time, I was a little bit overwhelmed.  I wanted in, but there were 40 colours to choose from, and some of them seemed to be exclusive to certain stores (Selfridges have them all).  Inevitably, by the time I'd considered enough swatches to know I needed to get Anna, it had all but sold out.  I found some stock online at Harrods and when my order didn't arrive I found it hadn't gone through properly, and typically, the stock was gone.  You'd think fate was telling me I was not meant to own one of these lipsticks, but I'm no quitter when makeup's involved.  Eventually Anna was mine, and it wasn't long before I got her a couple of friends to play with.

31 Dec 2014

Beauty: 2014 beauty favourites

I'm not going to be all cliche go on about how quickly the year has flown (although it really has), and will just get on with my 2014 favourites.  What I will mention, is just how much I'm enjoying that little bit of reflective thought that you tend to naturally fall into during the gap between Christmas and New Year.  You can choose to have a fresh start any time you like of course, but for me, I sometimes do need an extra kick up the butt, and the whole fresh page feeling of starting a new year gives me just that.  I don't make many resolutions any more, I just try to set really well thought out, achievable goals.  All it takes to change your life is will, determination and a list, so watch out 2015, I'm coming! 

30 Dec 2014

Five top interview tips for getting a new job in 2015

In contrast to the usual beauty fodder I serve up, today I have a post for you on a completely different topic, but it’s one which I think I know a lot about.  Most of us see the new year as a fresh new start, and for some that means starting a search for a new job.  I’ve had various interviews for office jobs in my time, but more often I’m now on the other side of the table doing the grilling, so in collaboration with City Calling who find jobs in construction, I'm offering up my top tips for your next interview!  

29 Dec 2014

Beauty: November and December beauty favourites

Before I review my favourite finds of 2014, I thought I should first catch up with my monthly favourites.  I get so busy in the run up to Christmas, planning for the big day, that almost everything else gets left to one side, so I missed my November favourites entirely and my blog was a little bit neglected :( I can breathe a sign of relief now as although I love Christmas, it feels good to now be able to think about planning for other things, and to use my Christmas tree as a blogging backdrop!  So onto the juicy stuff, these are my favourite and most used products from November and December.

24 Dec 2014

The 15 Festive Favourites Christmas tag

I don't usually get around to doing any tags - although I do enjoy reading them - but as I'm so excited for Christmas at the moment, when I spotted the 15 Festive Favourites tag on Alina's blog beauty with charm, I instantly wanted to give it a go!  

23 Dec 2014

Food: Easy chocolate Baileys fudge recipe - in the microwave!

I can waste hours and hours on Pinterest thinking about all the cute little DIYs I could try instead of actually getting around to doing any of them...  I vowed to be a little more prepared this year, and to think in advance about what I might want to make and I decided Baileys fudge would be a perfect treat to give as little homemade gifts.  I struggled to find a recipe online that was for chocolate Baileys fudge rather than vanilla, so a little bit of experimentation was needed.