18 Jan 2017

Bringing back the glow with Pixi skintreats

January can be such a grey and gloomy time, Christmas is over, it's cold and we've spent all our money - it's no wonder that even my skin feels glum!  My skin becomes very dry and dull in winter, so I'm always keen to try out anything that might make me look a little more lively, and these gems from Pixi's skincare range are just the trick ūüíē

10 Jan 2017

Winter knitwear wish list

Last weekend, when the weather was pretty chilly and I was about to get dressed to go out, I realised that I hardly own any jumpers!  I'm not really sure how this has happened, but over time I've just become more and more of a dress wearer, to the point where I hardly have much of a winter casj wardrobe at all.  Generally I don't think jumpers are the most flattering on me, certainly not if they're bulky and have no shape at all to them.  But, I decided to have a look around for some more interesting knitwear that might work well - generally longer styles with a bit of structure or a finer knit seem to be good options.  And somehow, unintentionally, all of my choices are either pink or grey!

8 Jan 2017

If I was a rich girl.... (na-nah na-nah na-nah na-nah na-nah nah)

It's such a reflective time of year right now what with people setting goals, making resolutions and embarking on new challenges such as losing weight, getting fit, saving for a holiday or starting a new hobby.  I'm a real sucker for getting all of those new year new start feelings too.  I've also been indulging myself in the odd daydream of how my life would change if I were a millionaire, maybe it's all that Christmas cheese I ate !  

5 Jan 2017

My 2016 beauty favourites

Happy New Year!  I've had a lovely little break over Christmas and hope you did too.  Now I know I rarely do favourites posts, but as we've just started a new year, I felt like looking back on what I'd enjoyed in 2016.  The year that gave us Brexit and Trump at least had a few great new beauty products! 

29 Dec 2016

New Year's Eve hair / how I curl my hair with ghds

With Christmas over and New Year now becoming the focus, I'm sure lots of us are already thinking about how we're going to celebrate and what kind of party look we want to go for.  I'm not great at up-dos at all, but really enjoy putting curls and waves in my hair to give me a look that says I made an effort!  ghd kindly sent me their platinum copper luxe premium gift set and challenged me to create a festive look with added sparkle, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to share my tips on how I use ghds to curl my hair.  

20 Dec 2016

Christmas shopping at London Designer Outlet

I love so many things about Christmas, but one particular highlight has to be that never ending excuse for festive shopping trips!  I recently did some Christmas shopping at London Designer Outlet in West London, and had a great time not only checking out the shops but also trying one of the lovely restaurants and even having a little spin on their ice rink!

17 Dec 2016

Personalised Christmas gifts from ijustloveit.co.uk

Still struggling to fill those final gaps on your Christmas shopping list?  Don't worry, me too!  Especially when it comes to those annoying people that seem to have everything and say they don't 'need' anything for Christmas - it's just so tough to come up with new ideas every year.  Going for a personalised gift is sort of my secret weapon - it puts a new slant and angle on a gift to make it special with a name or a little in joke phrase and turns an ordinary gift into something really special.  I've found some great personalised items at I Just Love It again this year, and there's still time to order this weekend for Christmas delivery, so I hope these might inspire you with those tricky final gift selections.

15 Dec 2016

One more Christmas gift guide (and the last giveaway!)

A little later than planned due to me coming down with the inevitable winter germs but here's my final gift guide!  This one is a selection of various bits and pieces that I'm giving and receiving this year which all make great gifts for girls.  Read on to the end for my last festive giveaway too!

6 Dec 2016

Christmas gift guides 2016 - beauty gifts under £30

We've had beauty gifts over £30, so now it's time for something a little more affordable, but the gifts are still gorgeous.  I've found some beautiful sets and palettes out there this year, and you won't believe that some of them are under £30!

2 Dec 2016

YSL Christmas party beauty at Debenhams #foundit

Not that I ever need an excuse to get glammed up with beautiful makeup, but if I did, then a Christmas party would be top of the ideal occasions list.  Once the calendar flips to December my thoughts instantly turn to glitter, gold, sequins, red and all things similarly festive to turn up that special Christmas feel.  Debenhams and YSL have kindly provided me with a perfect selection of products to get me festive party ready, so read on to see how I got on with them...

1 Dec 2016

Christmas gift guides 2016 - stocking fillers

Today's gift guide is stocking fillers, so mostly things that are under £15, with lots under £10 too.  I like to give people lots of unwrap - it always seems more fun than one large gift, and I love making up stockings, gift bags, gift baskets, the lot.  I just love Christmas really :)

29 Nov 2016

Christmas gift guides 2016 - festive candles

I decided to put together a gift guide just for candles this year as they're on of my favourite gifts to give as well as receive!  I also thought it would be good to have a look beyond the most common candle brands that you might see in a lot of a gift guides, I mean, Jo Malone and Diptyque are gorgeous, and I wouldn't pass up finding one in my stocking, but let's face it, they're out of budget for most of the people we'd generally buy for at Christmas, right?  Saying that, I was actually considering treating myself to the Diptyque festive mini candles this year, but when I looked at them in store I wasn't all that blown away by the scents!  I was equally a little disappointed with the Neom Christmas candles - I usually go for one of their festive candles, but the choices this year seem exactly the same as last year, so nothing new or exciting.  Jo Malone have the Orange Bitters scent this Christmas, which sounds right up my street, so I'm planning to give it a try when I'm near a store, but at £120 for the candle, I won't be indulging!  Thankfully my candle gift guide has plenty of options at much more affordable price points :)

25 Nov 2016

Mii cosmetics all about eyes gift set review - plus a 25% off black Friday weekend discount and a giveaway!

If like me, you struggling getting that fleeky instagram brow, then you'll be interested in this little gift set from Mii Cosmetics - it includes brow stencils that take away all of that guess work and uneven brow upset!  Read on for my review on the kit, and also a chance to win this kit in your own choice of shade, plus a 25% off discount code off all Mii Cosmetics this Black Friday weekend!

23 Nov 2016

Christmas gift guides 2016 - Nail polish gift sets

I'm  real nail polish lover, so it seemed fitting for one of my gift guides to be all about nail polish!  I'm rounding up lots of sets that I like this year, but there are some notable brands missing - Essie and OPI for example just didn't have anything I found interesting this year - I guess seeing as I've bought so many of their holiday collections in the past, it's all getting a bit samey?  China Glaze have some nice looking sets out, but generally they all contained a few colours I didn't love alongside some really good ones, so I talked myself out of the purchase!  Anyway, here's what did make the cut!

21 Nov 2016

Christmas Gift Guides 2016 - Beauty gifts over £30

Christmas gift guide time is finally here, and I thought I'd start off by going big or going home, so first up is beauty gifts over £30.  Prepare yourself because there are some seriously luxe palettes and other things of beauty here that you're going to want to add to your Christmas wish list immediately!  Also stay with me until the end of this post as with this and all of my gift guides this year, there'll be a giveaway to win one of these gorgeous gifts :)

18 Nov 2016

The Beauty Breakdown - November

That time has come again for a good old catch up time, a cup of tea and a ginger biscuit or two - dunking optional.  Here's what I've been buying, trying, loving and loathing lately in the world of beauty.

16 Nov 2016

New launches from Urban Decay - Naked Ultimate Basics palette, All Nighter foundation and Razor Sharp eyeliners

Ooooh all the exciting shiny new things from Urban Decay!  I have three great new launches to talk to you about, but those of you who've read my blog for a while will know it's the beautiful new Naked palette that I'm most excited about!  As much as I love colour and am wowed by all of the gorgeous rainbow palettes out there, nudes and neutrals are like my bread and butter, and the Urban Decay Naked range is totally in my comfort zone.  

11 Nov 2016

The new Arlésienne fragrance collection from L'Occitane

The new Arl√©sienne collection from L'Occitane is a beautiful floral fragrance range combining scents of rose, violet and saffron.  I really love the styling of this one - the beautiful floral design depicts the key notes in the fragrance, and also those simple clean lines along with the with the silver caps and the soft pink make this one super elegant looking gifting range.

9 Nov 2016

The cutest Pusheen Christmas gifts from Boots and Marks & Spencer

I feel I need to start with a little disclaimer about the number of times I'm likely to say "cute" in this blog post, because this collection of Pusheen Christmas goodies are just so adorable!  I've really fallen in love with Pusheen this year from the funny little twitter gifs to the facebook stickers and the Primark pyjamas, and now all of a sudden this Christmas we can get Pusheen on pretty much everything.  The shelves at Marks and Spencer and Boots are so much cuter this year with the addition of this friendly little cat, and I'm freaking out in the best possible way - give me all of the Pusheen!

1 Nov 2016

New from Armani Beauty - lip magnet matte liquid lipsticks - review and swatches

Well would you look at these little beauties from Armani beauty - aren't they the gorgeous?  They're a new line of liquid lipsticks called Lip Magnets.  The name lip magnet of course implies that the product is going to be attracted to your lips and won't let go - a good choice of moniker because that's the exact premise of this new  lipstick collection.  Lip Magnets are a liquid matte formula that binds with the lip to give a long-lasting finish that won't budge and smudge.  I'm told that the Lip Magnets were inspired by the ultra-thin film of the Maestro Fusion Makeup (and using the same technology which helps the foundation to stay put)  and the colour intensity of Lip Maestro Velvet Lip Colours.  

Armani Lip Magnets come in a range of 18 different shades from nude to pink to deep wine shades and I have six of the colours to try out.  These liquid lipsticks are designed to last eight hours and have a super light-weight texture on the lips but intense pigmentation - exactly what us lipstick lovers have been waiting for!