28 Jun 2009

And the not so flattering...

I like to think of it as a public service, that I make these mistakes so you don't have to, and this one is a doozy. I had seen this dress everywhere in varying colourways and decided I needed one for myself. It's a vest dress and generally I don't where anything sleeveless, opting to keep the bingo wings disguised, but I planned to wear a short sleeved top in the same colour underneath.
So I ordered the dress and was pleased to see the navy of the vest part of the dress and that of my planned short-sleeved top were a good match. I really liked the colours of the skirt and planned to wear the dress with leggings and some tan platforms.

The skirt is what I think is called a circle skirt which means it puffs out and has volume. It didn't feel right on - I wanted to keep patting the skirt down the reduce the volume and felt I could have done with making some alterations to reduce to amount of material poofing out. I felt really self-concious in it and ended up getting changed into something safer before going out. I'm glad I didn't go out in it, I thought about it, as I'd bought and planned the outfit, but as I didn't feel that I looked good I would have been paranoid and couldn't have enjoyed the evening.

So I'm either going to attempt to reduce the poofiness of the skirt or put the dress on ebay. If you are interested in the dress you can get it from Topshop but other stores are making copies. I've seen one in New Look and Peacocks and also shops which sell the cheaper brand copy items. It may be worth shopping around and comparing as the skirt style may be fuller on some brands than others.
If I make some successful alterations I'll update you with the results.
xoxo g

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