30 Jun 2009

Latest purchases / bidding

Here's what I'm buying / bidding for today.
I saw a girl wearing what I think was this dress in London on Saturday and it looked really nice on. I don't have anything green in my collection of dresses to wear with leggings so this will do nicely.

Today I wore a cream short sleeved topd from next with a black ruffle embelishment on the front. It was from Next and I tried to get a picture on their site but it doesn't seem to be for sale anymore. I've spotted the purple version in my search for a picture (it would have been quicker for me to take a snap I'm sure) and I think I may need to make it mine.

I also spotted this one when looking for the other one (iyswim) but I'm not sure if it's got enough of a sleeve for me. To be honest the ruffley one is a bit short on sleeve coverage too. This is about the smallest sleeve I would wear. I wouldn't go out in a strap top unless I was on holiday. Even then I'd think twice!

And finally these earrings. I've wanted something like this for a while and saw these when I was at the airport a couple of weeks ago. There's a matching necklace, but it's on a cord / string as opposed to a chain, so not really me.

Actually, I've said 'and finally' but I just remembered something else I'm in the process of getting... Juicy flip flops. Here are the little beauties.

The ones with the bow are just so cute. The come in baby pink and lime green too which looks cool but what would they go with?! I really like the starfish ones. They come in white, pink and orange too. Iwas originally going to get them in white, but I've got quite a lot of pale flip flops and realised I needed some blacks ones. The ones with the bow are navy blue - not sure if they might look black in the picture.

xoxo g

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