22 Jun 2009

Nail varnish lustings - OPI paige denim collection

I like to watch the make-up / beauty related videos on youtube. The girls that post videos are sometimes referred to as gurus and they review products on provide demos on how to get a look. I love it.

One of the videos I watched recently was from juicystar07 and she was reviewing the new paige denim collection from OPI.

These are the colurs. The ones I really like are the orange and the blue. The coral colour is nice too and the pink but I have something similar. I was looking for a purple like this for ages and found one from GOSH.

Now what I find interesting is that looking at the colours in this picture, they're not super exciting and I passed them by, but when I watched juicystar07's video you get a true look at what the colours are like and they really pop! She's doing some great advertising for this product!

I am going to post a link to her video, I hope that's ok. I'm new to blogging so I'm not down with the ettiquette yet!

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