23 Jun 2009

Net-A-Porter Sale

Now, don't be put off - I can't afford to shop at net-a-porter.com and I don't think I know anyone who can, but it's a fascinating site. There's a sale on right now, but this makes me no more likely to part with £400 for a pair of shoes, even if they are Jimmy Choo. Maybe I'll aspire to owning a pair one day and some Louboutins too for good measure, but not right now.

Whilst browsing the wonderful, amazing, beautiful (and some just plain odd) shoes on offer I spotted one which looked a little familar. You can't imagine the size of the grin which spread across my face as the realisation dawned that the vary same pair were nestled comfortably upstairs, jostling for space amongst many friends. Okay, not the very same pair but a very similar looking pair which I had picked up at Primark two weeks ago. I had no idea the cute be-bowed shoes I snapped up for £15 were inspired by a Chloe pair costing £435!

Cat + creme = moi :)


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