28 Jun 2009

A random round-up of what I'm loving this week

Derren Brown
I went to see the new Derren Brown stage show - Enigma - last night at the Adelphi in London. It was amazing, he is so clever and really funny too. I'd watched his channel four shows and also a dvd of the live show he did last summer and it was even better live. I have no idea how it does it all, but it was just surprise after surprise! Each time you were impressed with what he'd just done, he'd reveal something more impressive about how well he can manipulate us. Mind boggling stuff. I'm planning to read his book next. Also he has some new shows filiming / coming out in September on channel 4 called The Events. Can't wait!

My new laptop
It's pretty and pink and I love it. I'm still getting used to it and getting all set up the way I like it but I'm so pleased I got it. I'm planning to take it for a little spin in the garden this afternoon as it looks like it's going to be a great day for sunbathing.

Miso noodle bar
I've eaten here too much lately but I'm just so addicted to the noodle dishes, especially the ones with pepper or black bean and chilli sauces. The starters are delish too - seaweed, deep fried prawns with salt and pepper and deep fried squid with chilli dip are my faves.

I ate out at Strada for the first time last night and it was really lovely. In some ways it's similar to Zizzi but much nicer food, more choice and a little posher. I went to the one at the Royal Festival Halls on the south bank and it was really nice place too be, busy but lots of interesting things going on and great people watching!

Slimming World
I wouldn't say it's something I'm 'loving' but I've decided to have another go at this. SW does work if you stick to it. I've lost weight on it twice before - the last time I lost 23lbs but I managed to gain 9 of them back over Christmas and then lost the motivation to get back on the diet. I'm utterly useless with diets and have been doing nothing at all for several months, but I'm going on holiday in September so I'm going to make an effort. I'll possibly do a seperate blog on this.

Michael Jackson
I'm not usually one for jumping on band-wagons, but I can' do this without mentioning MJ. I had tickets to see him on 18th July and am gutted that I never got to see this legend live. When I woke up on Friday morning it was to the usual sound of my radio alarm, and it just so happened that the news reader was confirming Michael Jackson's death - it was a very surreal moment where I wasn't sure if I was awake or asleep. I had to turn on the TV to find out if it was true and was shocked to see it was. He's the undisputed king of pop and his music will live on for generations.

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