21 Jun 2009

Recent purchases

I'll be having a regular 'what did I buy this week' section on the realfourteen blog, but for now I'll just do a recap of some recent buys.

One of my favourite places to shop is asos.com I really like their clothes and they always have new items in all the time. I like asos veen better when they is a sale or special offer or when I can get a discount or free delivery! Always check with a quick google before you place an order as
you could get free delivery or maybe even 10% or more off your order.

These codes were widely and regularly available when asos first started up, but became more of a rarity as it grew in popularity. I think the credit crunch is the reason that we're seeing more and more asos codes, or discounts which don't even require a code of late.

So, onto the haul! This dress is called 'retro print dress' and I think it's fab. I love the colours and the unusual and kooky pattern. It also came in a drak blue with the pattern in coral which was gorgeous, but it sold out really quickly.

This is on sale at asos now for £27.50. If you usually wear petite like me (I'm 5"2) you're in luck as the dress is also available in that range and it's on sale at £18!
I wore the dress with black mid-calf leggings and some great tan and wedges from Matalan. I'll show you those another time when I can take a picture.
ETA: I just found a picture of the blue version on this dress, so I'll show it to you so you can see how lovely it is, but be warned it is sold out! I'd love to get the blue too so I will keep checking back on the site or one day I might be able to pick it up on ebay!

Here are another couple of dresses I picked up from asos recently too.

The ditsy floral was £22 and the striped one was £18. I really like the print and patchwork look to the ditsy dress. I wore it out with black tights and raspberry pink shoes. It doesn't sound too good put like that, but it seemed nice at the time. The black and grey striped dress is brilliant and I think it will become a real staple in my wardrobe as it's just so easy to throw on and wear. The top mart is a nice jersey stretch material and the skirt is a heavier knitted type affair. It hangs really nicely and I think you can dress it up or down. Definately a keeper.

xoxo g

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