28 Jun 2009

Pretty and flattering dresses

These dresses arrived this week and after being a little unsure of how they would turn out from looking at the picture I have to say I'm delighted (the picture doesn't do them justice). They are the type of dress which creases very easily, so need a damn good iron as soon as they arrive but they look amazing on. Definately made for complimenting curves, this is one of the most flattering styles I've found in a long time. I got the red and the yellow because I'm greedy =) and thoroughly recommend you get your iron out and buy them! (The bows on the sides can also be tied much neater and prettier than in the pictures.)

ASOS £22 (red) and £18 (yellow)

I also got another dress which I thought I could never wear... it has a gathered waist! Now I am not advocating gathered waists for curvy ladies, I don't think they do us any favours. I bought a gathered waist dress just before Christmas which looked very cool in the picture, but on me I felt like a sugarplum fairy. So, having learned a lesson from this unfortunate experience, when I saw a cute bow dress on ASOS (I'm a real sucker for bows) I knew I needed to steer well clear.

Having recently started this blog, I've been checking out lots of other people's blogs too and happened across one where the bow dress was being modelled. It looked lovely on the girl and not so much like a gathered waist at all - it turns out it's actually a faux gathered waist if there is such a thing. So immediately I ordered the dress, it arrived and I fell in love. The top is a jersey t-shirt type material with a flattering scoop and the faux gathered part begins just below the bust. The skirt part is that lovely hip skimming jersey material in a beautifully flattering cut. I got it in beige and black; it also comes in another colour and I'm currently sitting on my hands to prevent the placing of another order...

ASOS £29.50
The jeggings have also arrived and are eagerly awaiting a trying on session with the rest of the planned outfit. News on this coming soon!


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