28 Jun 2009

Shoe lust - Kurt Geiger bow sandals

I actually stopped a girl in the street to tell her how beautiful I thought her shoes were when I saw these. She was very pleased by the compliment, my purse was not so pleased to hear they were from Kurt Geiger.

I looked them up and they're £55. They're gorgeous and I want them, but I'll have to hold out for a sale.

(I also spotted them this morning when I was reading Look Magazine on the feet of Pixie Lott)

Prior to spotting these I had my eye on these simple but pretty bow sandals from french connection but they're also £55. There's more to the KG shoe for £55, I think the FC one is quite over-priced.

I've noticed ASOS are doing they're own version of the above, but the bows and straps look too shiny and it gives a cheap feel. Maybe they're nicer in real life. The KGs are my fave.

xoxo g

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