29 Jun 2009

Summer summer summer time!

Damn it's been hot today. It was a gorgeous weekend and it's set to be scorching hot all week, but what's the point in that when I have to be inside a stuffy and sticky office? Dressing for the heat isn't easy - I got told my Bikinstocks were illegal last week. Crazy health and safety rules.

So today I wore a tunic dress with leggings and gold gladiators. It felt a bit too casual, but was about right for the heat. This is the tunic dress, it's from a previous Next collection but you can easily pick it up on eBay.

It was so hot my feet felt slippery in my glads. Eeeeurgh. Maybe that was too much information. It's also just too hot to have my fringe down otherwise it just sticks to my head and looks thoroughly unattractive. I've never been able to perfect the side fringe look, so I've been opting for clipping it to the side instead. I'm going to have a new attempt at getting a side fringe when my new slim GHDs arrive. V excited for these, they have glittery plates!
These type of short sleeved dresses with leggings are my absolute favourite look right now, and are perfect for this hot weather. They're not too clingy or revealling and the leggings mean I don't have to get too much of the legs out whilst being much more summery and comfortable than trousers. I have this one in purple and I think I'm going to order this pink colour too and bling it up with the gold glads and a long gold necklace. It's £23 from Per Una @ M&S.
xoxo g

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