21 Jun 2009

Swarovski Erika and Elvis pendants

Well these just made me swoon this week! I was at the airport looking at some Swarovski pieces and when I got home I went onto the website to have a look. It was some earrings I had seen at the airport, but I found these Erika and Elvis pendants on the site.

Aren't they just too cute? They're a little pricey at £142 each so I won't be rushing out to buy any but I do love them! I'm hoping to see something similar on the high street!

xoxo g


  1. i have got Elvis the dark green one with evil looking eyes.i really love erika but because their limited edition you cant buy them in store anymore. if anyone knows where i could get her (in uk) please email me.


  2. IF anyone can let me know where to buy Erika Super Nature, please email me also: melatkin@nbnet.nb.ca

  3. I have both of them! I got them last year as Christmas presents. Elvis was bought in the U.S. My mom's friend bought Erika in Hong Kong and mailed it over.

  4. Wow, perfect. Fortunately, I found your website!
    Thanks for sharing! Swarovski kette


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