25 Aug 2009

Miss S cutie

I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted. Crazy things were happening at my work, so there was zero time for anything else. Things are still crazyish but I've recently booked a holiday to Florida so my spare time has been sucked up by planning overdrive! I'm very sad I know.
So here's a dress that I bought from Miss Selfridge on Saturday to wear on a night out with my bf at the T-Rex restaurant at Downtown Disney. If you know what the Rainforest Cafe is, it's like that but with dinosaurs! The dress is sooo cute I just had to buy it. It's got a bubble hem and ends mid thigh so one to wear with the good old leggings.
My favourite leggings are currently ones from Uniqlo. They're £6.99 and I have 2 x black and 2 x grey. They're so much better than the Primark ones and the grey is lovely.
I will be back soon to recap on the purchases you've missed over the past month and to show you all of my planned holiday outfits once I've ironed them!

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  1. Testing comments! Thanks to Celina88 for letting me know through Twitter that comments were not working on the blog. I thought nobody loved me :o)


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