22 Sept 2009

Reasons to love autumn

So Autumn is officially here, flip flops and sunglasses are being packed away and it's starting to turn to that time of year when it's a bit too warm for a coat but a bit too cold without. A whole new season of fashion awaits.

Here are my reasons to stop mourning the loss of summer and embrace autumn.

1. Tights

Tights fix a multitude of fashion issues don't they? If you're not allowed to wear leggings at your work, chances are there's no ban on black opaques, and they give the same type of effect. But it's not just black tights I'm talking about here, I love coloured tights, wooly tights, patterned ones - they can really make a plain old dress look like an interesting new outfit. I think I will need a feature on my favourites.

2. Wearing a mac / coat

I love my mac and there's not much of the year I can wear it as it's usually either too hot or cold enough to require a full winter coat. Mine is lilac and gorgeous and makes me feel instantly glam. I also now have a similar style in red and can't wait to start wearing them.

3. Boots

There's nothing more easy to wear and comfortable than your uggs. For me the official defination of the time of year comes down to what I'm wearing at the end of my jeans - uggs of flip flops. In the past I had been known to wear Uggs in Summer as I just couldn't be parted with them, but was once asked if I was expecting snow. Shame.

Knee-high boots are a bitter sweet for me, I adore them and think they can do wonders for your legs and transform an outfit, but I have big calves, so often the pairs I like don't fit me - boooo.

4. All the exciting events to plan for

Autumn / Winter is full of opportunities for dressing for special occasions. Obviously Christmas is on the horizon which brings parties and special dinners, but there's also Halloween and Bonfire night. I think it's such a fun time of year for fashion, and I've always preferred Winter over Summer in terms of clothes - I think it has something to do with being -overweight - Winter requires a lot less flesh-flashing! I've got a full on dressing up Halloween party this year, so I will be posting ideas for costumes.

5. Getting a new wardrobe!

Well okay not a whole new wardrobe, but it's a great excuse for some shopping to update my Autumn / Winter clothes.

Here's a few items I'm liking the look of for Autumn / Winter. Dig out your woolies and enjoy!


This dress is £45 and rather the perfect shape. It has long sleeves for covering the bingo wings, a belted waist to add definition to the waist, a cross over top part to flatter that area and ends just above the knee. I might get this. Worries are it might be a little long on me and I'm not sure if it's a little old for me?

I think this one falls into that category of 'I like it but I wouldn't wear it'. Two years ago everywhere you turned dresses were shaped like sacks. I think I hardly bought anything all summer because the shape just did nothing for me (I tried belts etc but it was a disaster). So I don't think this is a look for me, but it's really pretty. If you're a realfourteen with a more straight up and down kind of shape (lollipop perhaps) this might look really good on you. Also £45 from Next.

I majorly heart these boots. They're a bit eighties, a bit smart, a bit casual, they look just a little bit tough and I think they might even be quite comfy! I will definately try these on when I go shopping and will most likely cry on the shop floor if they don't fit my chubby calves! They're more expensive than I would usually go for at £100, but I really like the style (I actually saw someone with boots like this about 18 months ago and loved them, but they were vintage) and think they would last me ages.
Dorothy Perkins

This coat is so pretty and a real statement piece, but I think the ruffles are would add too much bulk on me. It comes in a lovely rainbow of colours - £75.

This is a really great work dress. I'm sure it's something I tried to get last year in the sale, but my size had sold out. Maybe it was popular enough that they brought it back. I would wear it as a pinafore over a shirt, top, polo neck etc. I already have something a lot like this, but it's getting a bit old and this is much nicer version. £40. (It would go lovely with the boots!)

That's all for now x


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  1. love love lovvvve the ruffle coat! would never expect somewhere like Dorothy Perkins to have this!


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