21 Sept 2009

Too faced make-up haul

So here's a little haul from my holiday. There was only one Sephora where I was staying and it was quite small so I was dissapointed that they didn't have some of the stuff I intended to buy. Here's what I got.

Most of the Too Faced stuff will be out over here soon I'm sure if not already, but we don't usually get the value sets and the one I got was a really good deal. I was going to buy the sun bunny bronzer by itself and then i noticed this set which included the full size bronzer plus bonus goodies for just a few dollars more.

The Laura Mercier concealer was bought on the recommendation of some of the youtube beauty gurus so I'm hoping it's good!

Other things I wanted but couldn't get was included an Urban Decay value set and a Nars Harlow lipgloss. They did have a Nars lipgloss set including Harlow but it was $49 which seemed like a lot and I didn't love all of the colours. Hopefully I can get the Harlow on ebay - they didn't have it singularly in the store :(

Sadly I was also too early for any of the holiday sets to be out (although I'm wondering if the too faced set I got is a holiday set) - I love Philosophy but there wasn't anything new out I liked. I'll probably love all of the holiday stuff when it comes out and I can get it! It's so annoying that only some of the stuff becomes available here.

Anyway, I shall look forward to trying out all my lovely new make-up and I shall let you know what it's like.

BTW, you probably know this, but now I'm using polyvore, if you want to see what something is or how much it costs and where it's from, if you click on the picture it will take you to polyvore where each of the items becomes clickable and the details show.

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