17 Oct 2009

Lipsy dresses... got to start planning for that Christmas party!

ETA:  I linked the pictures for this post direct from the Lipsy website and now they've taken them down they no longer show on this post.  Sorry guys, I've since learnt I need to save and loads my pictures.

So it's that time of year when I start to consider what I might want to wear to my work Christmas party.  I tend to start by thinking about what colour I'm after and work from there. 

I love the dress I wore last year, it was red and silky from ASOS and the year before I wore a rich purple colour ruffle dress from Lipsy, the year before that was a deep pink silky dress from Warehouse - so as you can see, I like to work the jewel colours for Christmas!  This year I'm thinking I might quite like an emerald green or deep blue, but we'll see what I find.  The rules are as foillows:

1 - The dress must have sleeves - short sleeves, long sleeves, cap sleeves are all acceptable, but I do not do sleeveless, strapless, one shoulder, halterneck etc, all of those are an awful look on me.  I much prefer o have my arms covered.

2 - It shouldn't be too short - above the knee yes, but no thigh flashing,

3 - There should be a good shape to the dress with definition around the waste - no floaty sacks for me!

So it doesn't seem like much of a list of demands, but trust me, it narrows down my options.  Mainly because of my desire for sleeves.

ASOS is usually the first place I'd look, but they don't have much out yet, so I'll have to try again another time.  Lipsy is one of those labels where I always though it was for skinny girls and wouldn't fit me, or would be the dreaded 'one size', but actually I find their size 14 quite generous, so let's see what they have to offer.

First up is this bright purple dress which is £55

This has a nice amount of sleeve to it, but the neckline is a bit high - it might lead to a bit of the one boob look.  I like the lenght but am not so sure about the bulk adding detail on the skirt.  Not sure if the colour is Christmassy enough for my liking either.

Sequin futuristic dress £70

I really quite like this.  The only downsides I can see here are that it's black - I usually opt for something bright and eye-catching for my Christmas party and perhaps it's also not quite dressy enough.  That's a bit of an odd statement seeing as it's covered in sequins, but I think this a dress that would be versatile to wear to smaller events or even just on a regular night out

Something similar in lace - £55

I'm not really feeling this one at all.  There's something about lace + old ladies that I can't really shake out of the back of my mind.  Not Christmas party worthy.

Mesh panel shift dress £45

This is a gorgeous dress and a lovely shape.  It's got quite skimpy sleeves, but something's better than nothing.  The colour is more summer than winter though - I'd love to see this brough out in green or purple and I think I'd be sold.

Mesh panel jersey dress £45

This has been seen on Alexandra Burker and is nice, but it's much more of a posh day dress than something for a party. 

Ruffle dress £55

This is beautiful, and I think it would be nice for wedding, although whether I'd venture out in a cream dress or not I'm unsure.  I think this would be quite a contender in another colour, although ruffles around the boob area only makes big boobs look even bigger. 

The back's nice too.

Oragami sleeve dress £30

In the sale from £55, but not the royal or dark blue I was looking for. 

Ah well, there's still ages until Christmas, so I'll keep looking.

If you'd like to take a look for yourself there's loads of other dresses, plenty without sleeves that are absolutely stunning.  Lipsy  Here's a couple of examples for those who don't suffer from bingo wings!


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  1. Great article , helped me a lot to deiced how i should dress.


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