17 Oct 2009

Slimming World

I put on 6lbs on my holiday - I got back nearly a month ago and I'm still carrying them around.  I lost 22lbs with slimming world last year after having piled on extra weight and no loger being able to get into some of my size fourteens!  After I lost that weight, I was still a size fourteen, but my clothes fit me a lot better and I did get into the odd size 12 in clothes that were cut generously. 

I gave up slimming world last Christmas.  It was silly, but I love Christmas and didn't want to miss out.  So in about two weeks I put on a shocking 9lbs - such a waste of all the effort I'd made.  I never got back into the swing of it after that and now after my holiday (to Disney in the land of the burger) I've put more weight back on so in total I've put back on a whole stone of what I lost :o(

Anyway, tomorrow I'm starting again.  I know with Slimming World that if I go all out and stick to the diet religiously for the first week, I might lose about 4lbs, which would be an excellent boost to kick me off. 

So there, I've announced I'm going on a diet, so I'd better stick to it!  I'm not aiming to be a size 8, or even a 10 really, I just want to shrink my stomach, bum and thighs, reduce the bingo wings and generally feel healthier.  Here goes!

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