25 Oct 2009

Spotlight on duffle coats

So no diet update for a few days... the batteries have run out on my scales (how convenient!).  No, really they have and I ate pizza hut last night, so there you go.

Back to duffle coats....

Now I can't say that I'm a fan of these, but my Mum told me that she wants to get a new coat and has decided this is the type she wants.  So I started keeping my eyes peeled for her and have noticed that they're everywhere - who knew my Mum was so in vogue? 

So here's a round up of the ones I've spotted.

ASOS - £70

Dorothy Perkins - £65

Ted Baker - £189

Marks and Spencer - £55

Debenhams Rocha John Rocha - £100
Next - £45

Matalan - £45
My favourites are the pink asos and yellow next - I'm actually rather tempted.  Go on Mum!

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