4 Oct 2009

Time for an update!

Next boots

So I bought the boots from my 'Reasons to love Autumn' post.  They didn't have them in store so I ordered online.  For £100 I really thought they looked quite poor quality.  I just expected a heavier, thicker type of material and they were a bit flimsy.  Then came the moment of truth, trying them on my and surprise surprise, no they didn't fit my chubster legs.  They made quite a good effort, I could get them on with a bit of tugging, but it wasn't a good look and I think I may have cut off the blood to my feet had I kept them on for long, so back to Next they went.  I now have a thirst for some new knee-high boots so I guess I'll spend all winter looking for the perfect pair.  There's a lot of thigh high / over-the-knee going on at the moment, which I quite like as long as they don't look too kinky!  I have actually got some from last year but believe it or not, they're a little baggy and actually start to slide down when you walk.  From one extreme to the other, i just can't win!

Matalan Shoes

The 3 pairs of Matalan shoes I showed you in my 'Matalan wardrobe additions' post (bought in electric blue, raspberry pink and lush purple) are a definate hit!  I wore the blue to work with a blue dress and got loads of compliments, then I wore the pink with a black dress and almost matching raspberry cardigan and they were also a success.  I even wore the blue again last night with the Miss S Cutie dress and leggings - I took some photos last night so I'll see if there are any full length ones to share.  Now I need to let the purple ones out there to meet the world!

asos purchases

It's been a while, too long, since I ordered some goodies.  So here are the latest purchases.

I saw this dress in the asos magazine and I think it's going to be a real figure fixer.  The black cutting in at the sides is hopefully going to add lots of definition to my hips and waist.  Can't wait to try this on.  not sure about the flappy bit around the tummy - it will either hide lumps and bumps or accentuate them, fingers crossed its the former!  This dress is £35.

Then I got some new bling.  I'd had my eye on the bow necklace and ring for a while as you might remember from my 'Beautiful Bows' collection but was waiting for a few more things I liked as the postage is a bit much for two cheap items. 

From left to right we have enamelled flowers band ring £4, enamalled bow necklace with peral centre £8 and textured gold bow ring £5.

I also got a set of my favourite eyeliners - Urban decay 24/7 which I will get someone to give to me for Christmas!  I got my first set of these the Christmas before last and I think it had 5 pencils in it.  I mainly use the black (zero) but I also really like the green, blue and purple colours.  There was a new set out last Christmas but it had a few I really wouldn't use such as red so I didn't get it.  I'm really pleased they've brought out this set which includes 9 pencils for only about £2 more than the set with 5 (or maybe it was 6?).  But anyway I really love these, they're very good liners, nice and soft and smooth so they don't drag your eye and this set has all sensible colours that I would wear.  I think my Mum would like this for Christmas too.

So that's all for this haul, oh other than I bought a top for my bf, but it's not very interesting!

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