31 Jan 2010

Crazy asos 20% off haul

Okay so I went a little mad with the 20% off asos code.  I don't usually spend this much in one go and my order was originally bigger so I cut a few things out!  It's been a long time since last pay day and I seriously needed to inject some life into my wardrobe, so those are my excuses!

Some of the stuff is the same as the items I showed in the discount code post - I had put them in my 'save for later'.  This is a great ploy by asos - I would forgotten I'd ever even wanted some of the stuff had it not been saved to remind me next time I went on the site!

Here's what I got (some of it's bound to be returned).

Benefit Sugarbomb £23.50 (I used the 20% code but I think you only get a max of 10% off brands like this)

Darling sequin jacket.  I've been wanting a jacket like this to wear over dresses (especially ones lacking in sleeves) for a while.  I originally ordered this when it was £55 with a discount code, but I ordered L and it was tight on the arms and I decided it was a bit pricey.  Having another go with an XL now it's down to £28.  I nearly ordered the grey / silver too until I saw the total of my basket - managed to convince myself the silver was too spaceman.

This bracelet is just too cute. I've nearly bought it a couple of times. I'm quite short on bracelets, so it was time to get this. £5.

I got this casual dress to wear with leggings and one of my long open cardigans.  It's one of my favourite casual looks with the current floral numbers I have, but they're quite dark so this one has a Spring vibe. £16.

There have been some crazy and down-right gross floral tights and leggings around, but I think these ditsy print ones are subtle enough to be perfect. Not sure what kind of dress or tunic I'll pair them with yet, something fairly simple I think.  £18.

I guess I didn't need this dress, infact I know I didn't, it's obviously a look I could have created with a white t-shirt and a black skirt, but time is of the essence in the mornings for me and this will be really easy to wear.  I'll put some of my crazier jewelery with it (you know the kind that doesn't go with much?).  I got it in pink and grey too.  They were only £20 each and I got 20% off, so not too naughty to get both.

This is another easy to wear dress for work.  Simple but really smart and open to accessorizing.  This will replace my current grey work dress which is a bit old.  £24 down from £40.

I love this.  I'm actually going to do a whole post on the wonders of the 'skater' dress soon as I really think they're perfect for my shape.  I wouldn't normally go for something with an open back, but it's only a little bit open and it has the cutest bows on it, so I'll let it slide.  I'll save this for the spring.  £26. 

This was £28, which I thought was a bit much considering it was in the sale, but I decided it was the perfect cardigan for wearing open over dresses and tops and I really like the colour too.   

ETA - This was huge and too chunky when it arrived, so it went back for a refund.

This dress caught my eye a little while ago.  I went through a phase of beige / caramel type colours a long time ago, but currently don't have much of it in my wardrobe, so I think I'll have a revivial starting with this.  £28.  It'll be gorgeous with the cardigan above.

ETA - this has also gone back, it was a clingey, unforgiving material and looked hideous on!
This isn't my usual type of purchase, but as I've said, I'm on the look for cardigans at the moment and this one looked good worn open as well as done up on the model, so I thought I'd give it a go.  Not so sure what I'll pair this with, but I can certainly wear it as a statement piece on its own (not literally on its own, I'd get arrested).  £35

I already have this dress in the green version and got it for my friend, so now the blue is down to £20 I've gone for that too.  (The green is still full price at £30).

Finally, I also got a couple of pairs of coloured tights from the sale (cranberry, navy and chocolate) and this jewellery.  The butterfly necklace (I can never resist a butterfly) was £8, the ditsy print ring (to go with the leggings!) was £6 and the emerald cocktail ring was also only £6 (also in purple - I was tempted). 

Phew, that's it!  I'll let you know what it's all like when it arrives. xx


  1. Wow looks like you had fun shopping on ASOS I am waiting for some floral harem trousers like you I hope they are nice xoxo

  2. beautiful...uh!... love the dresses


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