2 Jan 2010

January sales

Sale shopping this year has sucked as far as I can tell.  Very dissapointed and still have money in my bank account begging to be spent on some bargains!

Next sale 7am Boxing day

Very poor.  Usually get loads, but it was hardly worth getting up for!

Purchases -
  • Checked skirt - going back for a refund
  • Brown and lilac spotty cardigan
  • 2 pairs of slippers (I'm sure I didn't need these but was impulse grabbing as the clothes were rubbish)
  • Lots of jewellery - really did get loads, some really nice, some going back after closer inspection
Next online sale was also rubbish, didn't bother getting anything

Marks and Spencer Sale 11am 27th December

Usually get lots of shoes at the Next and M&S sales, after getting none at Next, I was determined to smash and grab my way through the rabble at M&S

Purchases -
  • Black and grey suede heels - nice but suede never lasts
  • Black and purple suede heels - different style from above but same suede issues
  • Black mary janes
  • Another pair of black mary janes with a lower heel only £9
  • Very high satin heels with crystal button type embellishments
  • Black ribbed bodycon type skirt - got it in a 16 as I didn't want to look like sausages
They had some really nice studded shoes in the sale, but couldn't find them in the store I went to.  Shame, I really want studded shoes and a bag but can't seem to find any nice ones.

ASOS sale

Again not great.  Well to be fair there was a lot of choice, just not much that I wanted.

Purchases -
  • Sports bra
  • Jogging bottoms x 2
  • T-shirt for gym
  • Hoodie for gym
  • Dress for friend's bday (not in sale)
  • Funny t-shirt formale friend's bday
  • Floral skater dress
  • Another floral skater dress in a different pattern
Missed the 10% discount code valid for 1st Jan only - very annoyed :o(


I don't usually shop at Topshop (I think it's too cool and kooky for me) but am becoming converted.  However most of what I bought wasn't even in the sale!  It is really nice stuff though, I'll make more of an effort to give it a go. 

Also had a browse of the La Senza sale but there weren't many nice bras in my size.  As my sale cash was going largely unspent, I ended up gorging on Mac holiday sets - no they were not in a sale! I got two for Christmas and became a weenie bit addicted and needed to collect them all.  Feeling a little guilty, but they're wicked.  I now need to master the art of applying eye make-up and am loving watching the youtube gurus show me how it's done. 


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