26 Jan 2010

Oooooh I want it!

Well lookie here at what I happened across!  I thought my Benefit fetish was well and truely over having cheated on it with Too Faced before getting a huge crush on MAC but they've truely pulled it out the make-up bag with this.  It's £23.50, but I need it! 

I loved it the moment I saw it featured on the beauty section on ASOS, but I fell head over heels when I saw the swatches on google.  OMG look at that lilac!

The description says it has four unique shades of rose, pink, plum & peach which you can blend together for a "delicious 'sugar flush rush'" and they call the brush 'flush brush'!  How cute it that?!

According to the ASOS website it's an exclusive product, which seems odd to me, but maybe it won't be on the benefit counter at Boots.  At £23.50 it's pricey, but hey, my Birthday's coming up! It'll also more than likely be possible to pick it up from the US or Canada for less even with postage or with the next asos 10, 15 or even 20% (pretty please!) code.

Definate blush crush! xx

Will you be buyng this?  What's your favourite blush?


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