27 Jan 2010

Recent shoe obsessions (because shoes always fit)

Somebody else (clearly a wise woman) once said that us shoe obsessed curvy girls love our footwear so much because unlike clothes, shoes always fit.  I never thought about it like that, but a lovely new pair of shiny shoes is definately my fave guilty pleasure. 

Latest beauties for your delectation.  Enjoy x

Miss Selfridge £35 (bought these and love them)

Miss Selfridge £35 (so obviously I need to go back for the other colour ;o) )

New Look £22 (considering a purchase of the black)

And here are some shoes from what my BF affectionately calls my 'shoe room'  (he has a fish room and a car room, so don't feel sorry for him).  These are recent buys and I will try to recall how much they were.

Taken with my laptop rather than a camera (if you think you're lazy you don't know me) so excuse the kak-handed shots / angles etc and view it as my artistic nature.

My favourites of the moment.  The studs are gold if that's not clear from the picture and I think these are h-o-t.  Does it matter that I can barely walk in them?  Nah.  Primark £19.

Hmmm, they're not looking great from this angle, but they are truely cute yellow shoes.  I don't know what I'lll wear them with yet, but one thing's for sure, I will not be paring them with my yellow Next duffle coat.  Heck, I'm a kook, but not a freak.  Primark again, I think £12ish.

If you follow the blog (hi to you and thanks!) you may recall a brief but joyus suede shoe fetish which saw me welcome three pairs at once in purple, blue and pink.  Well the saga continues with these orange beauties.  I know I'm not going to get a lot of wear out of them, but they'll dress up a black / grey outfit a treat on a dark day.  £13 and Primark again (go on Pri with your wonderous bargains!  Breaking a trend here I know, but one thing I rarely buy from asos is shoes.)

The picture makes these look two-tone.  I cross my heart they're not, they're an even dark navy all over.  These were my favourite shoes and I thought I'd love them forever, but since buying another few pairs, they've fallen from grace a little.  It's funny that, always favouring what's newest in my stash and then quickly kicking it to the curb when there's something new on the scene.  Shoe slut I guess (although I'm the same with most things, clothes, bags, whatever).  Primark £19 (maybe?)

These ones are from Peacocks and a little pricey compared to the Primark purchases at £20.  As you can see, these have been for a spin and someone saw it fit to take a photo of my foot.  They look nicer on than off though, so it was all worth it.  PS that is not my carpet (eeeurgh). 

Another Peacocks.  I thought these would be nice but slightly interesting office shoes and I liked the gold stud detail.  The first outing was a bit disaterous as they're a bit big and kept slipping (and they're a 4 so random) so I think they may need some heel grips before they leave the shoe room again.  I think these were in the sale for £11.

Primark baby pink / beige gold studded flats.  Couldn't resit getting these now for spring and also got a pair for the bezzie as one of her bday gifts.  £8 and they come in other colours (black, white, grey)

Last ones, these were from the MandS sale.  They're Autograph and were half price at £19.  The clustered embelishment on the front is made of little glass look buttons in different shapes.  I found out the Bridezilla Bezzie also bought these independently.  Often happens to us, we just need to try not to wear them on the same day.

Got a few more pairs of shoes in the MandS sale, but nothing really worth showing.  I think that's plenty for now anyway, the shoe room is a little full.  To be fair, it needed fattening - I sent around 70 pairs of shoes to the charity shop a few months ago, which proves I'm a senseless hoarder as some of them were sooo old and knackered!

Night night x


  1. Hmm, I obviously have typing problems today. haha, anyways, I just thought I'd say that the color of the orange shoes are just lovely - it's the perfect shade of orange.

    Visit my blog if you ever have time. (:

  2. Thank u ;-) check out that emo boy one on this blog:

  3. So happy that my blog is being seen and read! Thanks for stopping by x

  4. the nude heels look stunning!

  5. Love the blog girl! its so pretty!! and shoes are my fave thing!


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