26 Jan 2010

Woooo hooo...oooo...ooooh crap

On the woo-hooing side of things, I'm going to be bridesmaid for my best friend, chief bridesmaid to be precise and I've named myself Chiefy B.  I thought it was pretty good, but when I wrote it in her birthday card I got a confused "who is this card from?" but anyway.

So expect posts on the various gorgeous dresses which may be considered for this and maybe one or two gratuitous wedding dress pics for good measure.  I've seen the one she currently likes and seriously, it's drop down and faint gorgeousness.  I'm so pleased for her and super excited to be involved... but I think it means some trips to the gym.  (cue sad but dramatic "dum duum duuuuum!" music)

My friend very kindly said I could pick my dress and that she knew it'd have to have sleeves (bless her, she really does suffer my moaning and clearly actually listens), but I don't want her to have to make that compromise.  Chiefy B ain't gonna be a size 8, but she can certainly have a damn good go at being a toned 12 and getting the arms out if required!

Some ugly gym pants and a sports bra have been purchased on asos (it's seriously like the only place I shop right now) but if this has to be done, it might as well be done cute and I haven't seen gym-wear cuter than this.
Isn't it sweeeet?  I love it!  It's from a brand called David and Goliath which I've known about for a few years.  I think it's a US brand but they have a shop in Covent Garden and I've also seen it sold on (you guessed it) ASOS.  This hoodie is £35.

They also sell PJs in this design which are also super cute and £35. 

I'd be desperate for these if I wasn't currently rocking the world's coolest pj's - Cookie Monster!  There's a bit of a story behind these.  I saw them in topshop whilst out shopping with the bff (we'll call her Bridezilla, because let's face it, it's only a matter of time) but they didn't have my size and I actually, no joke, stomped my foot because I wanted them so badly!  I went on line, no cookies, groucharama for me.  Anyway, the BF (that's BF not BFF, keep up) was in Dublin for work, which sucked, but after hearing about my foot stomping he went to topshop Dublin and found them.  I was amazed, he's really terrible at shopping so this was such a result.  The only downside was that because they were priced in Euro and the exchange rate is unfriendly, he paid about 30% more than the UK price, but it's okay because it was his money, not mine oh and because I love them and have now un-stomped my foot.

So I got given the pjs for Crimbo (I think I mentioned in my gifts post) and here's the best picture I could get as Toppers is a flash site and I'm not clever enough to know how to get those pics easily.  I noticed it went down to £10 in the sale so I won't be telling the BF that!  The picture's kind of small, so here's a quick laptop cam pic of my cookie ensconced leg.  (and yes those are furry slippers and cozy socks, it's how I roll)

C is for cookie ;o)


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