7 Feb 2010

Lush haul

Aren't the SAs lovely when you go to Lush?  I had a particularly friendly and sweet one when I went in there on Thursday and she managed to make me get lots of products I'd definately not gone in there for!

After reading so many reviews of Big shampoo, I decided I needed to try it.  Some bloggers had been dissapointed that it faded / lifted their hair colour and made their hair dry.  My hair has some left over 24 wash colour that I want rid of and it gets greasy quickly, so it sounds like it might be good for me.  I also really wanted to get the pink bubble gum lip scrub.  Here's what I got.

Mint julips sugar scrub.  They were out of the bubblegum *very sad face*

Space girl ballistic

The ex factor ballistic

Floating island bath melt

Melting marshamallow moment bath melt

Big shampoo

Curly wurly shampoo sample

So much more than I went in for!  I was so sad I couldn't get the bubble gum lip scrub.  They were also out of the sweet lips flavour.  The other SA told me how great mint julips was and I was thinking "well you would say that because that's the only one you have in stock" but lovely SA was less pushy and when I tried it I decided to get it. 

She recommended that you can mix Big shampoo with Curly Wurly so that's why she gave me the sample.  I guess it makes a big curly wurly (like the chocolate bar?).  Melting marshamallow moment is my fave Lush product so I got that and the others are new to me but smell nice so I'll give them a go. 

She did also wash my hand with some turkish delight stuff which was foul.  I guess it's nice if you like turkish delight but I don't and walked round the shopping centre wanting my hand to stop smelling of the stuff - it was really strong!

I've only had a couple of washes with Big so far, so too soon to make a decision, but when I do I will be doing my first proper product review.  Woo!

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