7 Feb 2010

New Look haul

I went to a wedding fair in London yesterday with my friend and after we hit Oxford Street.  We usually expect to have more bags than we can carry, but for some reason we came home dissapointingly empty handed (almost). 

I think we were a bit tired from the wedding fair and it was getting late, but Primark was very dissapointing.  I only got a cardigan and a few accessories and it was like hell on earth in there.  They did have some really nice flips flops but not in our size.  I got some jewellery in Topshop and Miss Selfridge, nothing in Dorothy Perkins and New Look and we didn't have time to go anywhere else (and we were too tired). 

So today I went on to New Look and was pleased to see they had some better stuff online than in the store. 

Here's what I got. 

Bow jumper dress - £15.  This was reduced from £25 and I utterly love it.  I have an obsession with bows, but there are a lot of clothes out there now with dull and plain bow prints, so I try to make sure I'm not buying a bow item unless it actually is nice.  I think this is and I've been after some more weekend casual stuff that I can wear with leggings and Uggs.  This prompted the spree really.

I think I've gone on about skater dresses before, I just can't get enough of them.  They suit my shape so well and are super easy to wear.  I think I can dress these up or down and gets lots of different looks.  I already have a couple in different floral prints and had to stop myself buying more of them, but plain ones are different, so I'll allow myself these two.  They were only £16 each.

I saw this long hanky hem top in a New Look a while ago and I think it was £18.  Now it's reduced to £10 I was much more tempted.  I'll wear this with leggings and my long open cardigans.  I got the top in navy as it'll go with all my cardigans and I'm getting quite into my navy lately. 

ETA - this was hideous and went back for a refund!

I know what I said about buying stuff with bows on for the sake of it, but I do really like this and it's so cold at the moment that I do need another long, warm jumper.  £25
These are the shoes I mentioned recently.  As I decided to make an order I thought it was time to pick these up.  £22.

ETA - I don't know why but in my head I decided that although I buy a size 4 in nearly all shops, I needed to buy a 5 from new look.  I was wrong and these were too big and had to go back.  I've gone off them now so haven't re-ordered in a 4.

I spent last spring / summer looking for the perfect closed toe shoes in a pale colour to wear to work - I mainly wanted nude mary janes but had trouble finding some.  I got a pair of white courts with a wodden heel which I wore once and ended up hating.  I then bought some nude mary janes from Next, but they had a bow / button detail on the front which made them look a bit too formal and I felt they clashed a bit with some of my floaty floral tea dresses.  I ordered the Miss Selfridge pink / beige shoes with the chocolate bow that I showed before, but these are just nude and I think they're exactly what I wanted if not better (because of the bow obvs!). £25.
ETA - perhaps it's obvious when you look at the picture (not to me as I thought they looked cute) but IRL these were total stripper shoes and I had to get them out of my house sharpish.

I'm starting to feel a little ashamed now I'm looking over all these bow purchases, but yes, I also got a bow necklace.  Let me off, it was only £5.
I got a black and red ditsy print ring from asos and these earring look like they will be a good match.  I can't believe they were only £3! 

Finally a necklace adorned with my second love - butterflies.  When I saw this in the picture on the left I didn't really like it, but the picture with the model convinced me.  £5

ETA - This was gross when it arrived - a nasty dirty looking gold, so it went back to the shop.

I did get some bits and pieces last weekend and have taken pictures, so I will do another mini haul post soon - I'm a but lazy with loading my own pictures because I have to use the PC rather than my laptop. Took a couple of pictures at the wedding shows too, so may as well share those.  I've also received my asos order so need to let you know what's being kept and what's going back.
Bye for now xx

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  1. I just brought some similar earrings to those but from Republic. I also brought the skater dress in New Look in nude

    I too love bows xx


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