14 Feb 2010

Wedding fair update

So as you know I'm going to be Chief Bridesmaid for my best friend's wedding and we have been going to wedding fairs each weekend.  I just though't I'd share pictures of a few pretty things I've spied while we were there.

There was a great photo booth thing that's like a real photo booth where you get your passport pics done.  They bring it to your wedding with props and the guests can all go in and take funny photos and then instantly get the prints to keep - plus the bride gets them all on a disc for facebook and future blackmail opportunities. 

Bridezilla and I thought this was great and had a laugh trying it out.  I'm the brunette, she's the blonde.

The bouquet bridezilla wouldn't give back

A stunning cake

Pretty cupcakes I'm going to try making myself

Chocolate fountain

Pretty flower arrangements

And we haven't even looked at dresses yet! xx

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