12 Mar 2010

Latest haulage & Alice in Wonderland inspired beauties

My life's been taken over by work lately, so no time for blogging, but there was a little time for shopping thank goodness.  It's my birthday soon so I've been able to do extra shopping and then give the stuff to my bf so he can buy it for me as presents :o)

This is what was delivered from asos yesterday....

I got this dress in green, then I went back for the blue and now I've finally been suckered by the black too.  It's a jersey material so really easy to wear and it skims lumps and bumps so I can see how I've managed to collect all of the colours.  I've been wearing them with different cardigans and jackets, coloured tights etc.  The only trouble is when I bought the blue one I got it in petite because it had £10 off and it's a bit too short for my liking.  Got the black in standard sizing so I'll be able to wear it without self conciously yanking it down every 6 seconds. £30.

I got this navy dress because I really like the shape.  I have something similar in grey but in a heavier material with longer sleeves and I thought it was a very forgiving cut.  I'm also really into navy these days.  This will go great with my new jacket fetish.  Need to take photos of my two new Hennes jackets.  This dress was £30.

As mentioned, I'm developing a bit of a jacket fetish.  I've been wearing some of my cuter suit jackets over dresses and now I've been buying nice jackets as seperates.  I know I'm quite slow to catch on to this but meh.  This jacket is the nicest thing I've bought in ages.  I really liked it when I saw it but ummed and ahhed for a bit because it was £55.  When it came out of the packaging all creased yesterday it still looked fabulous on (even tried on over the random non-matching outfit I was wearing) so I knew I'd made the right decision to go for it.  It's a waterfall type jacket - longer and pointy in the front and straight cut in the back.  Love love love this over a plain dress or with jeans etc. 

After coverting the tan belt the lovely Giselle of styleofafashionista has in lots of her photos I picked up these tan and nude belts for £12 and £6.
And finally I got this cute Alice in wonderland inspired charm necklace - it's got a wonky clock watch, a white rabbit and a little gold teapot.  Too cute and only £6, much cheaper than the official Disney Alice jewellery!
I'm a little bit Alice obsessesd right now and I haven't even seen the film yet!  My bf is taking me to see it in 3D at the O2 as part of my birthday weekend and we're going to have dinner there at the wicked Brazillian restaurant they have.  Here's a few other Alice bits I'm loving.

This Paul and Joe set is beyond cuteness but do I really need a lip conditioner and blotting paper for £25? 

I was immediately hooked when I first heard about the Alice book of shadows from Urban Decay.  Can't wait until my birthday to get my hands on this!  £28 / loadsa cash on ebay.

This charm necklace is from Swarovski. They have a whole Alice range, shame it's so darned pricey!  This is £97!

They've also got this crazy Cheshire Cat pendant which I'd love to get if it was costume jewellery for £20 or so but as it's Swarovski it's £99 :o(  I love so much of their kookier stuff like the Erika and Elvis pendants and they've recently brought out a crab that's really crazy, but they're all £100+

This is from the official Disney Coture collection and it's another pricey one at £105 but it is gold plated.
Must remember to take photos of my H+M jackets and get them on here. 

Bye for now x

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  1. Hey nice to see you back you have been gone a long time :) Great little shopping haul there and I love the dresses great shapes xoxo


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