14 Mar 2010

Next dresses

So I finally got around to ordering the dresses I liked from the Next catalogue.  I'm pretty sure that now I've done this they'll go straight into the sale.  Ah well, at least I'll have them.  There were a few bits I liked from the Winter collection which I thought I'd get in the sale and then the sale was pants and I missed out on all of them.  BF is going to be giving me some of this for my birthday anyway.

Black and white bow dress £38.  I haven't tried this on yet, but it's the same style as the one below, so should be fine.

Boat print dress £38.  I really like this dress, but the boat print is a little odd.  In real life they look even more obviously like boats than in the picture which is a quirky, but I still like the dress.  The sleeves are a little shorter than I usually go for, but overall it's a flattering look as it has a tie back which pulls in under the bust / at the waist and the length is just right on me as I'm a lot shorter than the model.

I don't really know why I was so attracted to this next dress - mid green is not a colour I usually wear much and I certainly don't make a habit of wearing sleeveless clothes, but I really couldn't resist this.  It's a lovely heavy linen type material and has a great layered pleat section peeking out at the bottom with a bow tie to the front to top it off.  Plus I have shoes just like the ones on the model, so I think it put a look in my head.  Not sure where I'll wear this or what I'll do about the arm situation.  Wearing a top underneath or a cardigan over the top could spoil the overall look but we'll see.  It was really quite flattering on, other than the arms.  £40

I bought a dress / tunic similar to this from asos but it was hideously clingey on.  This one's a nicer print and has more dramatic shoulders.  It hasn't arrived yet so I haven't tried it on but I've ordered it in a 16 so hopefully there will be no cling issues.  £22.

Finally I got this butterfly tea dress.  I thought it was really pretty and it plays up to my butterfly fetish, but when I tried on it was just too long on me and I felt a bit granny-ish and not in a cool vintage 1940s kind of way, so this is going back for a refund.

The new summer stuff is now online, and these are the bits I'm considering getting.

I really like the print on this dress and the layering too, but I'm worried about the length.  May need to see if it comes in petite.  £45.

This bow dress covers off my other fetish, but again it looks really long.  £35

And finally I think this dress is absolutely stunning.  I really like it with the belt too.  It's like a lacey black material overlayed on pink.  It's £59 but it is really pretty and not too long either.  I think I might try it on when I next go shopping to see if I think it's worth the money.


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