14 Apr 2010

Hmmm NOTD or NOT?

I'm a true blog stalker.  I may not post much, but trust me, I'm there, stalking your blog!  I'm seeing loads of NOTD (nail of the day) at the moment and I'm quite keen to jump on this bandwagon.  I paint my nails a lot and have some firm favourite colours, so I think I need to get in the habit of taking a snap when I finished painting my nails. 

My favourite brands are definately Nails Inc and OPI.  I'm currently drooling over these and considering a purchase.

Nails Inc ice cream collection... would snap this up if I didn't already have a very similar green and two very similar purples!  It's hard to tell though - I was just looking at Jermyn street on the nails inc website, and it barely resembles the real life version.

Also coveting these matte collections, but I'm torn as to which set I prefer.  Sometimes I love how collections go together and it's almost a shame to wear just one colour at a time and break them up.  Can it become acceptable to wear different colours on alternate nails again soon please?!

You might be able to help me with something that's bugging me.  I don't like it when I can see my actual nail through some of my paler colours that aren't very opaque.  I think I need some osrt of opaque base coat.  Any recs?

Looking forward to sharing some NOTDs soon :)


  1. From my experience with the paler nails inc colours, they are very transparent, even after about 5 coats of Sloane mews I could still see my nail, so unless you get an opaque base coat I wouldnt bother!
    The darker ones however are flawless after one coat! I really dont get why people hate them so much!
    And the best way to wear more than 1 colour is to konad it!

  2. That first matte collection is to die for!


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