31 May 2010

Lack of fashion purchases

I've almost bought nothing across the whole bank holiday weekend, very bizarre.  There just doesn't seem to be much I have my eye on right now.  But what I did really want to get was the Carrie Diaries book.  I'm sure you've heard, but it's a back story of Carrie when she was younger, high school age I think.  Can't wait to read this, I'll have seen SATC2 by the time it arrives.

Whilst browsing for this, I realised my favourite author has a new book out in paperback - Fiona Walker.  I've read all of her other books and I think she's like a modern Jilly Cooper.  Her books are proper page turners that you can't put down, but they don't take themselves too seriously.  They're always based on posh people who live in the country getting up to general naughtiness :)  The new book is called Love Hunt and it features some characters from one of her previous books - I really like that idea, sometimes you can really miss a character when a book ends!

Both books were purchased from Amazon and the photos are taken from there.

Fun rainbow nails

I nearly always buy nail varnish in multiples - I see a colour I like and then another colour that looks so nice next to it that I end up getting sucked in.  Trouble is, they may look nice together, but you can only wear one at a time... until now!  I've noticed it's becoming acceptable (rather than certifiable) to have multi-coloured rainbow nails, so when I went round to my friend's house for the evening last week, this is how I adorned my claws!

My verdict on this is that it's a little too crazy and that i should have gone with just a couple of colours or some more complimentary shades!  I'll try that next time.

Here's what I used.

And now for a random shot to demo the final look.

They look a bit like smarties don't they? :)

30 May 2010

My first Boohoo.com order (review)

Boo hoo is a site I've known about for a long time, but I've never ordered from it before until now.  Back when I first looked at it, it was probably still starting up and it was a lot smaller and not very professional looking, which put me off.  Nowdays it seems to have a better site and lots more stock, but in my honest opinion, the clothes still look cheap, but hey they are cheap and you get what you pay for!

I had been told by a friend that the sizing is off and the clothes come up small, so this has made me wary of ordering in the past.  The other thing is that although there are lots of things on their site that I think are pretty, they're not clothes I'd wear - for example being a realfourteen and all, I don't by mini skirts / dress or strapless clothes and a lot of their stuff is of that style if you see what I mean.

Anyway, here's what I tried out.

Floral maxi dress - £20

So I had decided I wanted to try a maxi dress - I've not had one before as I always thought I was too short etc. But as they're still around in a big way this year and because I really loved the print on this dress, I wanted to give it ago.  The dress came in S/M and M/L so I got the M/L.  I'd say the M/L is probably the equivilent of a size 12.  I got in it, but it was really tight - maybe this is due to the style, but I just think the sizing is skimpy.  Even if the dress had fit, the odd thing I found was how narrow the skirt part was - you'd just look silly when you walk because there's little room for lunging so the dress would constantly be stretching across your legs as you walking and looking a bit ridiculous.  The length however would have been perfect on me, which was a surprise.  Lesson learned - if I'm going to try another maxi I'll go for a more free flowing kind of style!  By the way, I know this doesn't have sleeves (maxis tend to be thin straps or strapless) but I was going to wear it with a cover-up.

Acid denim ruffle shrug - £18

What was I thinking?  Am I 15?  Looking at the picture of the model now, I can see this wasn't going to be a good look, but for some reason it seemed like a good idea at the time of ordering!  Since this purchase I've bought a nice grown up denim shirt which you'll see later. 

So basically I looked ridiculous in this.  Even a 15 year old me might have felt silly, and maybe only a 5 year old version would have looked acceptable.  I like ruffles, but these are on a different level.  Also, demin is supposed to have an edge, and this is just going in the absolute opposite direction of what the trend intends I'm sure.  For reference I bought a 14 and it fit fairly okay but I could have done with some more room for my boobs. 

So sadly, a big thumbs down for these two which are going straight back.  This leads me on nicely to some other odd things about boohoo, beyond me not liking what I ordered, which make this a negative review.


Options for delivery were £3.99 for standard or £4.99 for next day.  I ordered on Sunday and thought I might wear the maxi dress on Friday night if it looked okay, so I didn't see the need for next day delivery and went for the £3.99 option.  By Thursday evening, it occurred to me that the order hadn't arrived and I logged in to my boohoo account to see what was happening.  They had provided a tracking number on the order (good behaviour, I like) so I went along to the royal mail website to check.  The message was something like "the vendor has advised this item will be placed with us today".  Say what?  I ordered on Sunday and they despatched on Thursday?  Not at all impressed!  The package arrived on Saturday morning.  now if I wanted to order quickly for a specific reason, fine, I should have picked next day delivery.  It didn't bother me, I'd changed my mind about what I wanted to wear on Friday anyway as the weather wasn't so great, but to take that amount of time to even despatch an order leaves a bad taste with me I'm afraid. 

Next onto returns...

So I'm about to return the items tomorrow, so I can't comment on the complete process yet, but so far I'm a bit baffled.  To return items you have to log into your account and select that you want to return them.   Ok, done.  You then pack up your parcel and stick on the returns label and take it to the post office where you won't have to pay because returns are free.  Excellent.  Good work boohoo, but considering I paid £3.99 for such a slow delivery in the first place, it seems only fair. 

The odd thing is that the information on the site about returns is very confusing.  Now I don't count myself as stupid by anyone's standards, but I really think their returns page should be simplified and made a lot clearer - I'm sure boohoo attracts a much younger customer than the likes of asos so they should make more of an effort with this.

Text in blue taken from boohoo.com returns policy

This bit states 'cancelling in cooling off period, so I'd say that doesn't really reply to returns, it's just something they have to put in for legal reasons, but it's right there under the 'how to return' info, so I'm left wondering whether I'll have this re-stocking fee deducted from my refund or not.

If you have not notified us that you wish to cancel your Contract with us within the 7 day Cooling-Off Period, we will deduct a £1 re-stocking fee from any refund due to your debit / credit card in respect of the cost we will incur in administering the return, except where you received free delivery when purchasing the Product(s) as part of a promotion on our Website, in which situation we reserve the right to deduct a £2 re-stocking fee from any refund due to your debit / credit card in respect of the cost we will incur in administering the return. For the avoidance of doubt, we will not deduct a re-stocking fee in respect of Products which were delivered faulty or incorrectly by us, or where you have notified us within the 7 day Cooling-Off Period that you wish to cancel the Contract.

And this next bit gives me some cause for concern too - they might decide not to refund me anything??  Dodge-a-rama!  I'm guessing this is just something to cover themselves too, but it would be set out much more clearly.

Unless the Products are faulty, we will be entitled to recover any direct costs of having to recover the Products from you and may set such costs off against the amount re-credited to you.

Finally, along the same theme again - from the 'refunds' section of the policy.

If you return the Product for any other reason, for example you claim that the Product is defective or is not what you ordered, we will examine the returned Product and will notify you of any refund you are entitled to via e-mail within a reasonable period of time. Provided that the Product is defective or you have returned the Product within the 14 day returns period, We will refund the amount paid by you for the Product as soon as possible and, in any case, within 30 days of the day we confirm to you via e-mail that you are entitled to a refund for the Product. Products returned by you because of a defect will be refunded in full, including a refund of the delivery charges for sending the item to you.

If I'd read this before I placed my order, I'd probably have changed my mind and not bothered!  But let's see what happens and I'll let you know.
The verdict - as you can tell, I generally didn't like the clothes or the service.  I think I'll stick with asos in future.


20 May 2010

Can I really look worse than I feel right now?

Lacking the energy to blog this week as I have a rotter of a cold.  The last two days I've come home and looked in the mirror and have literally recoiled in horror - I look so rough!  And no, I didn't take a picture!

My skin feels all dry and flakey (not usual for me at all) and the make-up I'm putting on in the morning is quickly dissapearing save for a few little cakey blotches in random locations around my face.  Seriously, people must think I'm a total attention seeker at work, but every time I see someone I keep telling them about how ill I am so that they know there's a reason why I look so awful!

Last night I tried to heal myself with a bath using my favourite ever Lush product - melting marshmallow moment bath melt. Mmmmm it's  pink, it's creamy, it make pretty bubbles and it smells sweeeet, not that I can smell much right now :o(

I wish I'd had the energy to take a piccy of my bath, but staying awake was hard enough, so here's a Lush photo instead.

I've heard echinacea (sp?) is good for preventing colds so I think I'm going to look for some when I'm next in Boots or Superdrug as I'm a real wimp when I'm ill!

As it's Thursday, I had planned to go late night shopping, but that's gone out the window.  I actually had several refunds to do, I've made some very bad online shopping choices lately!

Going to go and try to guillt trip the bf into making me some tea with lots of sympathy now!  xx

9 May 2010

My first OOTD - cold and rainy spring florals

Haha!  So having been brave and shown my face already, I thought I'd see how I like positng OOTD.  This won't happen every day as for one I'm far too tardy in my photo taking and posting, but secondly, my outfits aren't interesting all that often.  On a regular work day it can be a bit dull and samey but if I think I've got something of interest I'll try to remember to smile for the camera.

Today was a nasty cold drizzly day where I live, even though it's well into spring now.  I had a kiddie's birthday party followed by an adult birthday meal out (sadly meant I had to leave my friend's baby's party after only an hour which was a shame because lots of my friends were there and it would have been a really good afternoon).  So I wanted to wear something spring-like but I knew I'd get cold and possible wet so I went for some florals with leggings and a long cardigan for warmth.

So here's the pic... not sure I have the hang of this yet (a bit like the notd) but you get the idea!  Oh I forgot to smile too, ha. 

The dress is from Dorothy Perkins last year and I teamed it with a grey longline open cardigan, long black leggings and grey pumps from Miss Selfridge that I worry people will think are slippers.  They're not, they're shoes honest!

I have a terrible habit of leaving everything until the last minute, such as getting ready before I have to leave, so I didn't have long to practise picture taking or to pick accessories.  I also had to paint my nails in the car which made for a slightly wobbly job, but here they are anyway.

This is another Collection 2000 Hot Looks and this one is called dynasty.  It's a lilacy pink (it looks a bit lighter in the pic than IRL) and it also comes out quite opaque after one or two coats which I like.  I hate it when you can see your nail through a pale polish - I get that with a lot of my pale Nails Inc and OPI colours and really need some sort of opaque base coat for wearing them.  The C2000 polishes are only cheap but they apply nice and thick. 

And finally today I thought I would tell you about my bath with Lush's Dorothy bubble bar.

It's kind of late to mention this I know (I'm never going to be a trend setter!) as I don't think it's even available any more, but my bath looked so pretty I just had to take a picture!

If you don't know what I'm talking about, this is the Dorothy bubble bar before it goes in the water.
I only used half the bar - I usually chuck the lot in but you really don't need to and as this one was such a bright blue I was worried about getting a smurf bath, so I used half.  I prefer bubble bars to bombs and fizzers because of the bubbles.  I always forget when I drop a bath bomb in my water that it won't make bubbles and I get a bit dissapointed. 

This made lovely bubbles and it wasn't the shocking blue I was concerned about.  I like how some of the rainbow floated and coloured the bubbles.  Cute! 

This bar is supposed to be fragranced with ylang ylang and sweet figs, but I didn't have much of a strong smell in my bath.  No matter cos I have the scrummiest smelling shower gel ever.  Hmmm there's an idea for another post...

So I hope you like, comment and let me know, ta muchly! x

Nail of last week...

So much for nail of the day, I only managed one colour last week and kept touching it up!

This is Collection 2000 Hot Looks nail varnish in Intesnse.  I think it's trying to be a copy of OPI's My Private Jet.  It's an inky blue / black shade with fairly subtle glitter.  This is probably the nearest to black nail varnish I've ever worn, but the glitter lifted it and I liked it enough to keep it on for a few days with touch ups required to my index finger and thumb.  No disrespect to the polish for this - it happens to me with any brand because I type furiously! 

I really like the formulation of these, at £2 (or usually 2 for £3) you can't go wrong.

Not sure I've got the hang of taking a NOTD picture yet... may have to try some zomming next time.


8 May 2010

French connection pricey beauties

Do you ever get that thing where when you have no money you see loads of things you want to buy but when you've been paid and have a shopping itch you can't find anything?  Well I've got that right now.  I'm talking clothes shopping - I can always find ways to blow my cash on shoes, accessories and make-up.

I think it has a bit to do with the crap weather - I'm not so sure what I actually want to buy - and also because there are a lot of summer clothes that I would never buy for my shape such as strapless / sleeveless stuff, so that can rule out a lot. 

Anyway, tired of being unable to find something I like after trawling online, I thought I'd have a little window shopping on french connection.  Why is all the pretty stuff sooooo expensive?  Boo.

First up, I'd actually be tempted to buy this, it's my sort of dress.  The sleeves are a bit lacking though.  At £60 it's quite reasonable for French Connection.

This is girlie and pretty although it reminds me slightly of school uniform summer dresses and also a weird horror film caller Candy Stripers where the mutant cannibal alien nurses (yeah the film was that good) wore uniforms a bit like this.  £75

Not something I'd wear (no sleeves) but I like the detail on the bust.  £75.

I just love the pattern of this dress as well as the shape.  It would be lovely to wear to a wedding.  £85

This one has quite a bold and crazy print but it certainly caught my eye.  Cat Deeley wears a lot of French Connection so I could imagine seeing her in this.  £95

This is a dress that already caught my eye in a magazine or maybe online as it's already been worn by a few celebs.  It comes in some candy shades too - pink, yellow, pale blue and I think white.  I really like the sleeves although the neckline is much higher than I'd normally wear / than is flattering on most people.  I don't know why I'm pondering these facts as at £115 I'm not about to pop out and buy one in each colour.

Pretty as this pink one is, it reminds me of a kaftan for the beach, a £135 kaftan!  It seems to be the new season version of the popular Bex dress last year and there are two versions.

And finally my absolute favourite - this is the nicest dress I've seen in such a long time.  Shame it has an open back, but it's gorgeous.  I had to show you both colours as I can't decide which I like best.  If I wake up a size 10 with zero back fat any time soon the first thing I shall do is rush out and buy this :o)

Wowza.  £120.  Ouch. 

Now, back to Primark where I can fill my basket without even looking at the price tags...


4 May 2010

The back up plan

My little asos haul arrived.  Is it wrong that I bought two dresses  I already own as a back up for when they get old and out of shape, bobbly etc?  Probably, but I'm obsessed. 

These are soooo easy to wear and so flattering plus they go perfectly with my current jacket obsession.  I really need to take a photo of my H&M jackets to show you.  It's so annoying they don't sell online, but I've heard they're planning to launch an online shop as well as Zara.  Wooo!

So I re-purchased this in black and green as they were in the sale and my current versions are showing signs of bobbles.  This fact should probably make me decide they were poor quality and a waste of money, not encourage me to buy more, but hey I don't claim to be sane. (£20)

Probably would have re-bought it in navy too if they'd had it, might have to try eBay.  My original navy came from the petite range and it's shorter on me than I'm comfortable with.

Also got this which I already have in the other two colourways.  Again very easy to wear, goes well with a jacket, simple so can be accessorized to the max... yes yes I'm trying to justifiy it.  Oh and it was in the sale - £14.


And finally this cute necklace. 

I get sad that cute costume pieces like this will only last a handful of wears before they tarnish.  I've recently bought some gold enamel paint to try to rescue a bracelet I love, but so far it doesn't look like it's working.  Anyone got any ideas for how to fix tarnished gold costume jewellery?  I'm thinking I need some sort of really metalic gold paint?  I thought of getting a gold plating dip kit, but it's only for certain metals so I don't think it would stick.  Tarnished jewellery makes me sad and I even keep it all in a special anti-tarnish organizer, booo :( 

Also, I had my first try of the asos super saver delivery, no probs at all and the stuff arrived within just a few days.  Well done to asos for embracing the free delivery and free returns, I'm sure they'll see orders increase because of it.  

3 May 2010

Sunshine blogger award

I was tagged for this award by the very cool Giselle of styleofafashionista  (ages ago now - shame on me for being sooooo slow!). Her blog shows the amazing outfits she wears every day - she has fab style and is not afraid to experiment or do a bit of ebay raiding! 

I do a lot more reading of other people's blogs than I do of posting on my own, so here's a selection of my favourite blogs which I'm nominating for the sunshine award too.

Sinead - daintydollymix

Tor - fabfrocks

Alexandra - hrhcollection

Lou - sprinkleofglitter

Caz- thisiscaz

Milly - pearlsandpoodles 

Gem x

Time to break the shopping ban!

So I think I mentioned I was starting a crazy diet... I'm sad to admit I didn't get on well with it, as usual, although in my defence, it bordered on starvation.  I'm so crap at dieting, I just love my grub!  Time to rethink the approach.  In the meantime, I haven't bought any clothes in what seems like ages and I'm itching to shop.  I have my eye on a few bits so far.

I like this dress from Rise at Dorothy Perkins, I really like this shape and style of dress.  I've got something very similar from asos in Navy and also grey but with longer sleeves and I think it's such a forgiving style and looks really sharp too.  Rise has it in a mid grey, pink and black, so I want to get the black.

It's £45, but I'm sure there'll be a 20% off day or code soon.

I've also seen a couple of nice things on the Peacocks website, but I wasn't tempted enough to purchase.  I like the peachy coral dress, but I've got something fairly similar.  I'm always attracted to the same stuff.  The floral dress reminds me of a dress that's currently in Next but in blue - I quite wanted the Next one, but it's below knee length on the model so would be far too long on me.  Might consider this but it's not as nice as the one from Next.

Peachy dress - £22
Floral tiered dress £20
The Next version (£45)

I've been forgetting to take NOTD photos.  I really want to get into it so I'll try keeping my camera in my bag.  I've been taking quite a lot of photos lately and plastering them on facebook, so surely I can remember to do a few for here too!

Oh and another thing I have my eye out for is some new gladiators.  I don't care if this is the year of the clog, glads are comfy and go with everything so I will still be rocking them!  I have a lovely pair from last year which I'm sure will serve me well again, but I spotted a foot in a restaurant the other day in a studded pair which were just gorgeous.  I've been stalking online and this is the closest I can find so far (from ebay).  I managed to find a jacket I saw on a girl in Nandos a couple of months ago, so I'm hopeful for this mission!

I'm also desperate for a black version of my favourite jacket.  This picture for the asos site doesn't actually do it justice - you can't see the cut properly on the side.  It's my favourite item of clothing right now but sadly it doesn't come in any other colours :(  Hopefully I'll find a similar style somewhere.

You can kind of get the idea from this random blurry shot. 

I saw something which I thought was similar, but when I zoomed in it looks like a heavy suede sort of material.  Booo.  Ah well, more shopping will be required to find something suitable!

And the final update on this post goes to my hair - after realising a full on fringe was too much maintanence (after having it for about two years) I've been growing it out and am now making some side fringe attempts.  I quite like it when 'just done' but it won't stay still and I hate the thought that it can start to look greasy if I mess with it too much.  Any advice?  I quite like this picture so I thought I'd go for it and share, but here it's already starting to go flat and lank, hmpf!


Back soon hopefully, I'm thinking about a giveaway, woo! x

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