4 May 2010

The back up plan

My little asos haul arrived.  Is it wrong that I bought two dresses  I already own as a back up for when they get old and out of shape, bobbly etc?  Probably, but I'm obsessed. 

These are soooo easy to wear and so flattering plus they go perfectly with my current jacket obsession.  I really need to take a photo of my H&M jackets to show you.  It's so annoying they don't sell online, but I've heard they're planning to launch an online shop as well as Zara.  Wooo!

So I re-purchased this in black and green as they were in the sale and my current versions are showing signs of bobbles.  This fact should probably make me decide they were poor quality and a waste of money, not encourage me to buy more, but hey I don't claim to be sane. (£20)

Probably would have re-bought it in navy too if they'd had it, might have to try eBay.  My original navy came from the petite range and it's shorter on me than I'm comfortable with.

Also got this which I already have in the other two colourways.  Again very easy to wear, goes well with a jacket, simple so can be accessorized to the max... yes yes I'm trying to justifiy it.  Oh and it was in the sale - £14.


And finally this cute necklace. 

I get sad that cute costume pieces like this will only last a handful of wears before they tarnish.  I've recently bought some gold enamel paint to try to rescue a bracelet I love, but so far it doesn't look like it's working.  Anyone got any ideas for how to fix tarnished gold costume jewellery?  I'm thinking I need some sort of really metalic gold paint?  I thought of getting a gold plating dip kit, but it's only for certain metals so I don't think it would stick.  Tarnished jewellery makes me sad and I even keep it all in a special anti-tarnish organizer, booo :( 

Also, I had my first try of the asos super saver delivery, no probs at all and the stuff arrived within just a few days.  Well done to asos for embracing the free delivery and free returns, I'm sure they'll see orders increase because of it.  

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  1. I dont know if you have heard of this or not but a tip I use to keeping fake jewlery from tarnishing quicker is to just coat the inside of rings or backs of necklaces that rub against your skin in clear nail polish. It doesnt keep them lasting forever but it does help ALOT =] Love your blog!


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