20 May 2010

Can I really look worse than I feel right now?

Lacking the energy to blog this week as I have a rotter of a cold.  The last two days I've come home and looked in the mirror and have literally recoiled in horror - I look so rough!  And no, I didn't take a picture!

My skin feels all dry and flakey (not usual for me at all) and the make-up I'm putting on in the morning is quickly dissapearing save for a few little cakey blotches in random locations around my face.  Seriously, people must think I'm a total attention seeker at work, but every time I see someone I keep telling them about how ill I am so that they know there's a reason why I look so awful!

Last night I tried to heal myself with a bath using my favourite ever Lush product - melting marshmallow moment bath melt. Mmmmm it's  pink, it's creamy, it make pretty bubbles and it smells sweeeet, not that I can smell much right now :o(

I wish I'd had the energy to take a piccy of my bath, but staying awake was hard enough, so here's a Lush photo instead.

I've heard echinacea (sp?) is good for preventing colds so I think I'm going to look for some when I'm next in Boots or Superdrug as I'm a real wimp when I'm ill!

As it's Thursday, I had planned to go late night shopping, but that's gone out the window.  I actually had several refunds to do, I've made some very bad online shopping choices lately!

Going to go and try to guillt trip the bf into making me some tea with lots of sympathy now!  xx

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  1. Oh we all get days like that I am feeling like that now! x


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