31 May 2010

Fun rainbow nails

I nearly always buy nail varnish in multiples - I see a colour I like and then another colour that looks so nice next to it that I end up getting sucked in.  Trouble is, they may look nice together, but you can only wear one at a time... until now!  I've noticed it's becoming acceptable (rather than certifiable) to have multi-coloured rainbow nails, so when I went round to my friend's house for the evening last week, this is how I adorned my claws!

My verdict on this is that it's a little too crazy and that i should have gone with just a couple of colours or some more complimentary shades!  I'll try that next time.

Here's what I used.

And now for a random shot to demo the final look.

They look a bit like smarties don't they? :)

1 comment

  1. I love them! The Nails Inc purple polish looks lovely :)


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