31 May 2010

Lack of fashion purchases

I've almost bought nothing across the whole bank holiday weekend, very bizarre.  There just doesn't seem to be much I have my eye on right now.  But what I did really want to get was the Carrie Diaries book.  I'm sure you've heard, but it's a back story of Carrie when she was younger, high school age I think.  Can't wait to read this, I'll have seen SATC2 by the time it arrives.

Whilst browsing for this, I realised my favourite author has a new book out in paperback - Fiona Walker.  I've read all of her other books and I think she's like a modern Jilly Cooper.  Her books are proper page turners that you can't put down, but they don't take themselves too seriously.  They're always based on posh people who live in the country getting up to general naughtiness :)  The new book is called Love Hunt and it features some characters from one of her previous books - I really like that idea, sometimes you can really miss a character when a book ends!

Both books were purchased from Amazon and the photos are taken from there.

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