9 May 2010

My first OOTD - cold and rainy spring florals

Haha!  So having been brave and shown my face already, I thought I'd see how I like positng OOTD.  This won't happen every day as for one I'm far too tardy in my photo taking and posting, but secondly, my outfits aren't interesting all that often.  On a regular work day it can be a bit dull and samey but if I think I've got something of interest I'll try to remember to smile for the camera.

Today was a nasty cold drizzly day where I live, even though it's well into spring now.  I had a kiddie's birthday party followed by an adult birthday meal out (sadly meant I had to leave my friend's baby's party after only an hour which was a shame because lots of my friends were there and it would have been a really good afternoon).  So I wanted to wear something spring-like but I knew I'd get cold and possible wet so I went for some florals with leggings and a long cardigan for warmth.

So here's the pic... not sure I have the hang of this yet (a bit like the notd) but you get the idea!  Oh I forgot to smile too, ha. 

The dress is from Dorothy Perkins last year and I teamed it with a grey longline open cardigan, long black leggings and grey pumps from Miss Selfridge that I worry people will think are slippers.  They're not, they're shoes honest!

I have a terrible habit of leaving everything until the last minute, such as getting ready before I have to leave, so I didn't have long to practise picture taking or to pick accessories.  I also had to paint my nails in the car which made for a slightly wobbly job, but here they are anyway.

This is another Collection 2000 Hot Looks and this one is called dynasty.  It's a lilacy pink (it looks a bit lighter in the pic than IRL) and it also comes out quite opaque after one or two coats which I like.  I hate it when you can see your nail through a pale polish - I get that with a lot of my pale Nails Inc and OPI colours and really need some sort of opaque base coat for wearing them.  The C2000 polishes are only cheap but they apply nice and thick. 

And finally today I thought I would tell you about my bath with Lush's Dorothy bubble bar.

It's kind of late to mention this I know (I'm never going to be a trend setter!) as I don't think it's even available any more, but my bath looked so pretty I just had to take a picture!

If you don't know what I'm talking about, this is the Dorothy bubble bar before it goes in the water.
I only used half the bar - I usually chuck the lot in but you really don't need to and as this one was such a bright blue I was worried about getting a smurf bath, so I used half.  I prefer bubble bars to bombs and fizzers because of the bubbles.  I always forget when I drop a bath bomb in my water that it won't make bubbles and I get a bit dissapointed. 

This made lovely bubbles and it wasn't the shocking blue I was concerned about.  I like how some of the rainbow floated and coloured the bubbles.  Cute! 

This bar is supposed to be fragranced with ylang ylang and sweet figs, but I didn't have much of a strong smell in my bath.  No matter cos I have the scrummiest smelling shower gel ever.  Hmmm there's an idea for another post...

So I hope you like, comment and let me know, ta muchly! x


  1. I love the florals paired with the grey cardigan! And that bath looks heavenly, I am a big fan of lush bath bombs and bubble bars too!

  2. @ Kinsey - thanks for your lovely comment. Following you back x

  3. hey Gem just too let you know im having a contest and id absolutely LOVE for you too enter!xx



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