9 May 2010

Nail of last week...

So much for nail of the day, I only managed one colour last week and kept touching it up!

This is Collection 2000 Hot Looks nail varnish in Intesnse.  I think it's trying to be a copy of OPI's My Private Jet.  It's an inky blue / black shade with fairly subtle glitter.  This is probably the nearest to black nail varnish I've ever worn, but the glitter lifted it and I liked it enough to keep it on for a few days with touch ups required to my index finger and thumb.  No disrespect to the polish for this - it happens to me with any brand because I type furiously! 

I really like the formulation of these, at £2 (or usually 2 for £3) you can't go wrong.

Not sure I've got the hang of taking a NOTD picture yet... may have to try some zomming next time.



  1. I have a few of these, I must go and pick this one up! For the price they are soooo good. Shame they dry too fast for nail art, but then I guess I ask too much!

  2. Love the nail polish color!!
    xx Rachel

  3. @Eden - they're good aren't they? I don't think they dry all that quickly, I still use my quick dry top coat but then again I'm rubbish at nail art so haven't tried them for that.

    @Rachel - thanks hon - my first successful NOTD!

  4. Totally love the color, its so perfect!


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