3 May 2010

Time to break the shopping ban!

So I think I mentioned I was starting a crazy diet... I'm sad to admit I didn't get on well with it, as usual, although in my defence, it bordered on starvation.  I'm so crap at dieting, I just love my grub!  Time to rethink the approach.  In the meantime, I haven't bought any clothes in what seems like ages and I'm itching to shop.  I have my eye on a few bits so far.

I like this dress from Rise at Dorothy Perkins, I really like this shape and style of dress.  I've got something very similar from asos in Navy and also grey but with longer sleeves and I think it's such a forgiving style and looks really sharp too.  Rise has it in a mid grey, pink and black, so I want to get the black.

It's £45, but I'm sure there'll be a 20% off day or code soon.

I've also seen a couple of nice things on the Peacocks website, but I wasn't tempted enough to purchase.  I like the peachy coral dress, but I've got something fairly similar.  I'm always attracted to the same stuff.  The floral dress reminds me of a dress that's currently in Next but in blue - I quite wanted the Next one, but it's below knee length on the model so would be far too long on me.  Might consider this but it's not as nice as the one from Next.

Peachy dress - £22
Floral tiered dress £20
The Next version (£45)

I've been forgetting to take NOTD photos.  I really want to get into it so I'll try keeping my camera in my bag.  I've been taking quite a lot of photos lately and plastering them on facebook, so surely I can remember to do a few for here too!

Oh and another thing I have my eye out for is some new gladiators.  I don't care if this is the year of the clog, glads are comfy and go with everything so I will still be rocking them!  I have a lovely pair from last year which I'm sure will serve me well again, but I spotted a foot in a restaurant the other day in a studded pair which were just gorgeous.  I've been stalking online and this is the closest I can find so far (from ebay).  I managed to find a jacket I saw on a girl in Nandos a couple of months ago, so I'm hopeful for this mission!

I'm also desperate for a black version of my favourite jacket.  This picture for the asos site doesn't actually do it justice - you can't see the cut properly on the side.  It's my favourite item of clothing right now but sadly it doesn't come in any other colours :(  Hopefully I'll find a similar style somewhere.

You can kind of get the idea from this random blurry shot. 

I saw something which I thought was similar, but when I zoomed in it looks like a heavy suede sort of material.  Booo.  Ah well, more shopping will be required to find something suitable!

And the final update on this post goes to my hair - after realising a full on fringe was too much maintanence (after having it for about two years) I've been growing it out and am now making some side fringe attempts.  I quite like it when 'just done' but it won't stay still and I hate the thought that it can start to look greasy if I mess with it too much.  Any advice?  I quite like this picture so I thought I'd go for it and share, but here it's already starting to go flat and lank, hmpf!


Back soon hopefully, I'm thinking about a giveaway, woo! x



  1. You are gorgeous! Love the last picture of you hun!
    By the way, Thank you so much for the blog award, your so sweet!
    Love the blog & have followed!
    <3 xxx

  2. Awww Sinead thank you that's so kind. I covert your fringe with severe jealousy, I could never make mine behave like that! Respect to your hair! xx

  3. Haha! Unfortunately it is no longer like this & i am currently in the process of growing it out! I get bored very easy & it is now usually sweeped back with a kirby grip!

  4. Hi! Been lurking in the background of your blog for a while now :P

    As for your side fringe it's all about the blow drying. My hairdresser taught me to blow dry mine the opposite way of where I want it until it's about 80% dry, then flip and dry it the way I want it to fall. It makes the root of your hair "curve" round and behave better! x x


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