22 Jun 2010

Dusky pink NOTD

This is Nails Inc Bruton Street.  It's a nice dusky pink shade, good for Spring me thinks.  It's a bit subdued compared to some of the brights out there at the moment, but I still like it.

I always use Nails Inc top coat and base coat but I'm really interested to give Seche Vite (is that the right name?) a try soon as I keep hearing such good things about it.  It would be nice to go more than a day without chipping my nails!


  1. I HATE Seche Vite. Its thick, gloopy, and my polish chips in less than a day. But it does make your nails super shiny and I know lots of other people love it.

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  3. I put Seche Vite on my nails yesterday and 6 of them have chipped already :( I don't think it's much of a miracle worker

  4. Thanks for the comments girlies. My nail varnish chips in a day and can easily be peeled off (the whole nail) with the top and base I use now, so maybe there's no point trying Seche Vite. Thanks for the tips x


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