14 Jun 2010

Lush Sakura bath ballistic review

My friend bought me some Lush goodies for my birthday and I hadn't got round to trying this one until Sunday - I wasn't even sure what it was, so after the bath I checked out the Lush site and found out it's called Sakura. 

I didn't take a photo of my bath because there wasn't really much to see!  Sakura doesn't make any bubbles and colours your water a very pale pink.  Although it might look like it in the picture, there are no floaty bits - hurrah!  Down with floaty bits - I like to take my baths the same as my orange juice - smooth!

The bath did smell really nice - at first sniff it was not unlike a nice clean washing smell, but on closer sniffspection it was very floral.  My uneducated nose thought it could detect roses and lillies. 

The Lush site confirms Sakura is like cherry blossom in a Tokyo park on a spring afternoon.  How lovely.



  1. I've never bought any of these because I think putting them in my bath would make me sad! They're all so pretty!

  2. oooh, yum! I used my first non bubbly lush ball thingy (yep, the technical term!) last night, and I came in from work tonight to find my flat STILL smelled just gorgeous, ahhhh love lush!!


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  3. @ Robyn - that's so funny, I'm a massive lush hoarder too - had this one since March before I used it!

    @ girlinthecity - you can never give a surprise lush gift because the tell-tale smell wafts throught the wrapping paper!

    Thanks for stopping by guys =)

  4. I can't buy Lush products...the smells make me want to eat them!!! They look so pretty too! xx

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