13 Jun 2010

more shopping - dotty ps

As promised, a little mini haul from Dorothy Perkins.  There was a 20% off everything promotion, so I spent a while looking around the site for some bargains.  I have to say I don't like the lack of search options - if you want to look at dresses for example, you get 20 or so pages full with no real options for breaking them down by types.  Listen up DP, it puts me off!

Print tunic - £25 - not much of a sleeve going on, but I love these colours and the damask type print so it was a definate sale.  I wore this yesterday with grey leggings and a long jersey grey cardigan. 

Next I got this navy vest with gold print - £19.  I wore this on Friday with my new asos navy linen trousers and a navy long waterfall type cardigan with lace detail on the back from Primark.  Again no sleeves but I liked the print and knew I would wear it with a cardigan or jacket.  I had a few people tell me they thought it looked quite Egyptian.

I just realised almost everything I bought has no sleeves - I'm breaking all my own rules!  I liked the colour of this dress and the cut out detail - again I knew I'd wear it with something underneath or a cardigan over it.  Depending on the weather I'll wear this tomorrow and may even remember to snap an ootd!  £30

This next tunic / dress looks nice in the picture - the print reminded me of Cath Kidston - but in real life I think it might be just a little bit hid.  It's much more green in person - the lacey part is more net-like and see through and there's something a little plasticky about the material.  Haven't tried it on yet, but it doesn't sound like there'll be much chance of it recovering after the write-up I just gave it, so I think it'll be going back.

And last up, a rather pricey (£10) but nevertheless fabulous bracelet.  Butterflies get me every time, fact.  Together with a 20% off deal there was no stopping me.  I wore this with my cleopatra get-up on Friday and I love it.

I've been snapping away with my camera this afternoon, so I'll be blogging during the weekday evenings - shock horror!  I've also been collecting up goodies which I think would go well in my giveaway which I've decided I will do to celebrate 50 followers - currently at 41.  Thanks to all who read and comment - it really makes my day =)


  1. Nice haul. Love the egyptian style vest top and the purple dress x

  2. I love all of these items, so cute!


  3. I love that first tunic and the butterfly bracelet. I am a sucker for anything with butterflies on too - they are so pretty! x


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