1 Jun 2010

My first MAC lippies!

I was so excited to find a MAC counter at Gatwick when I passed through recently!  I've bought other MAC products before online, but with lipsticks I think it's really hard to judge what the colour and finish will be like unless you can look at it in person.

So after seeing so many recommendations on blogs, I got to the counter and my mind went blank, I couldn't remember any of the lipsticks I'd mentally decided I would buy when I got the chance!  I hadn't expected the MAC counter to be there, otherwise I would have gone prepared!  Also, the lipsticks are displayed in a way that you can't see the names without picking them up and turning them over, so I explored by sight alone! 

I thought I would go for cream sheens and definately would avoid frosts, but in the flesh, some of the frosts really weren't the scary granny frost I'd been afraid of and I settled on Angel.  Once I'd looked at it and swatched it and checked out the name I realised this was one of the cult lippies I've seen and heard so much about.  I've worn this loads since I bought it and absolutely love it.

I'd pretty much decided I wanted either a pink or a nude, and after I'd picked out Angel, I had the buzz and wanted to get another, so I looked for a nude.  I got a little bit scared of the true nudes as they looked at lot like concealer colours and I was worried about how they would come out on the lips.  This is a fear I'm sure I'll get over in the future, but after buying the cult Gosh Darling and Barry M pink 100 and having trouble with getting an even application, I wanted more from my first MAC lipstick experience!  So I picked a safe, similar to my lip colour type nude - Blankety.  Blankety is an 'Aplified' - I'd not heard of that before as a type and am not sure what it means, but it's nice and creamy, goes on so easily and I think it really suits me.

So all in all, I'm super pleased with these and I'm sure this is only the beginning of a MAC lipstick obsession.  It's probably rather lucky that I don't live near a MAC counter!


  1. hey lady, just stumbled on your blog from a comment left on ellie's which I really liked.

    your posts are great! really informative and friendly :)

    and nice colour choice! I have angel, but not blankety - although I love the amplified colours :)

    feel free to nip over for a wee look at my blog too if you'd like

    ann x

  2. Ooooh, Angel looks lovely! I got my first MAC lippies a while ago and I'm in love too!


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