21 Jun 2010

NOTD - fruit salad!

I love the name of this nail varnish - fruit salad - how cute!

I've been after a nice coral nail varnish for a while.  This is probably a bit brighter than I intended, but it's cheering me right up every time I look down at my hands.

The picture makes it look a bit darker and redder than it really is.

Collection 2000 hot looks fruit salad



  1. Oh! I love that colour! and the name of the nail varnish it's so funny :D

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    Oh! and, great blog :)

  2. Hi Emma

    Thanks for checking out my blog! It's great to hear you're visting London, I hope you like it! Although I leave quite near to London, I don't live centrally so I'm not sure I know any local secrets! I'm not sure what things you like to do, but if you're looking for shopping you might want to visit Knightsbridge, Oxford Street, Regent Street and Westfield. You probably also want to go to Hyde park or Regent's park, also Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Picadilly Circus etc. But a guide book will tell you all of that! Is there anything particular you'd like to know? I'll see if I can help you but if not another lovely blogger might know the answer xx


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