21 Jun 2010

Shoes of the moment - spring / summer

I thought I would show you the shoes that have been getting the most wear at the moment.  I bought these wedges last year from Matalan for some ridiculously cheap price, probably less that £15.  They go with so much and instantly make a regular outfit feel more summery.  I've also been wearing them with my new long linen trousers as they're so high - actually they're really high, they make me at least about 5'6 I think!

They actually look nicer on than they do in this pic, should have snapped with them on!

Now onto some new shoes.  If anything's guaranteed to make me happy it's new shoes, bargain new shoes all the better.  Isn't it funny that when you go out with no money just before pay day there's so much you want to buy?  Luckily when this happened to me on Thursday I was in Primark, so the bank account damage was minimal!

Firstly these pretty little stud / rivet beauties.  They're a bit more winter than summer I think, but I rather like them.  They're a griege type colour, which is good because my favourite grey shoes are knackered - I'm desperately scouring ebay in the hope of picking up an unloved pair but so far I've only seen them in size 8 =(  I'm a 4 by the way, so no chance of making them work!  I think these were £12.

Next I got some shoes which initially I dismissed as WAG shoes.  Nothing wrong with WAGs, but it's not a look I normally associate with working on me.  Being up for a giggle I tried them on as I knew they'd make me ten foot tall, but they looked good and felt pretty comfortable considering.  After seeing me try them on the bessie left with a pair too and we've named them the camel camel toe shoes after SATC2!  After falling in love with these when trying them on I went to look at the price and I honestly expected £20 as Primark do push it a bit these days with the nicer stuff (sounding more and more like my Mother....aargh) but no way no way, £12!  Wooooo result!  I wore these on Friday and they were the perfect touch to my outift and little old me was a jolly giant for the day =)

They don't like super high in the pic - they look a little stumpy!  Must be the angle, I assure you they are skyscrapers!

And to even things up, some flats!  I think everyone in the world probably had a pair of these, so obviously I needed them too.  I was craving some purple summer shoes to go with something the other week, so that's my excuse.  £12

We have a football dress down on Wednesday and we're supposed to wear red and white.  I've decided to wear a short red dress with black leggings.  I hardly ever wear white anyway, so I'm not going to try and dig something out just because.  I think I'll now add these purple shoes to the ensemble.  Why not?


  1. You're so lucky!! I'm already 5ft 8 so I can't get all those really high heels that I'd love to be in cause I don't fancy being 6ft 2 or something :/ I wear 3 inches and still feel like a giant </3 x

  2. Aww thanks but hon there are lots of benefits to being tall I'm sure! I look dumpy in lots of stuff and can't wear maxi dresses for fear of looking like I'm drowning! xx

  3. Oh I love your wedges! I think I will have to check them out! give myself a pedicure before hand tho! >.< xoxo

  4. I have literally been looking for the perfect wedges since April (in stores, online, everywhere) and I finally found some but yours are gorgeous...I wish I had them!!!


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