19 Jul 2010

Bourjois false nail effect 8 day polish - review

I'm really excited to review this nail varnish as I've not seen it reviewed by anyone else as yet... or maybe I just don't follow enough blogs?!

This is the new Bourjois false nail effect range.  It's supposed to last up to 8 days and fill in any imperfections in your nails.  I don't wear false nails and I don't have any ridges or bunps or anything, but I was sucked in by the 8 day claim!  I certainly wasn't drawn to the colours though, they're rather bland!

I decided to go for pink perfection which is this one below.  Looking at them again now I prefer the pale pink on the far left, but I'm always wary of pale colours in case they are too transparent. 

It's funny, they look completely different in the two web images.  Mine must be number 3 in the first picture but they look so different!  The colour looked different again in the bottle when it arrived and had a bit of a gold shimmer too it which I wasn't expecting and don't like at all, but luckily it's undetectable when applied.

So onto application - it's mega thick!  I needn't have worried about getting a pale shade, I'm sure they'd go on well.  It was so think I could possibly have applied just one coat, but I always do at least two with any polish.  The polish went on quickly and I liked the shaped brush which helped prevent mistakes and get even coverage.

I'm not crazy about the colour, but I didn't buy it for that, I got it to see if I could get anything like 8 day wear!

So here's what it looks like on my nails.

The colour in real life is somewhere in between the two online pictures, probably closer to the second which is the asos picture.

So not the most exciting colour, but nice enough and it applied well.  Now I thought I wouldn't be able to do this review for at least a few days as obviously I'd have to wait for the varnish to chip but oh no - it chipped on two nails within 12 hours of applying it!

I didn't apply any topcoat because I thought that might have an impact on how long the polish would last and I wanted to test it's claims fairly.  I would usually always wear top and base coat but I haven't for this test... it had better not stain my nails!  So yes, a touch up in less than a day was not what I was expecting from a nail varnish claiming to last 8 days.  I thought I'd get at least 3!

The nail varnish was £5.50 and as I said, the colours are uninspiring and it doesn't last any longer than regular nail varnish on me, so I wouldn't buy this again.  I'll try it out with a top and base coat and I'm sure it'll be just like any other polish I own.

Not sure why but it seems this range is exclusive to asos at the moment.  Two of the colours have already been reduced in the sale so it seems it's not doing so great.  I'd be interested to know how Bourjois can claim this will last 8 days or maybe they can tell me what I did wrong!

Hope you're liking the reviews, would love you to let me know in the comments.

Oh and PS... I just snuck over 50 followers, how did that happen?  I think we all know what this means - giveaway post coming up!  Woop!

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