18 Jul 2010

L'Oreal perfect clean review

I always review stuff in my head when I'm using it, intending to do a blog post at some point, but I never get around to it.  I'm going to start being more strict with myself as I've ordered a few things lately which I've not yet seen reviewed by anyone else, so I think it'll be really worth doing.

Having said that, the product I'm starting with has probably been reviewed a zillion times already as it's been out for a few months or more, but what the heck I need to start somewhere!

Mainly I wanted to review this because I really like it and want to let you know how fab it is.  I picked the version with exfoliating bits as it said it would clesan my pores deeply, which is what I was after. 

I get congested skin on my cheeks and have very visible pores on mt t-zone and have noticed a bit of an improvement since using this.  I wouldn't say it's changed the pore size or anything, but I am noticing smoother skin on my cheeks and on my face in general.  My face also feels super clean after using this.

I love the little scrublet which pops out of the product packaging.  It's like a flexible rubbery brush which fits nicely in your hand for a good old scrub.  I wet my face and the scrublet and then squirt on about a 50p sized amount of product which is enough for my whole face.  It smells nice and refreshing too and although you're not meant to get it in your eyes, I've got it a little too near before and it hasn't made them sting.

All in all I really like this as a face wash / gentle scrub and will definately buy it again when this one runs out.

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