28 Jul 2010

Nars swatches

A little while ago I mentioned I'd finally taken the plunge and parted with the cash to get me some Nars. I thought the best place to start would be with the rather infamous orgasam blush. I don't like my blush or bronzer too shimmery - I don't like it when I look like a have a layer of gold on my face that you can get with some shimmery powders, so I knew I wanted to get original orgasm and not super orgasm blush.

I'd also wanted to try the Nars glosh in Harlow for ages and I nearly bought it, but before I did I checked out another blogger's review and realised it doesn't come out at all how I imagine when it's on your lips. Thanks heavens for blog reviews eh? So instead I decided to have am little matching set and get the orgasm lip gloss.

I've been using them pretty much every day since I got them, well the blush more than the gloss.  I love the blush and think it really suits me. I don't have many blushes as I usually commit the crime of using bronzer all over my face plus extra on my cheeks as blush and this is just what I wanted from a blush - nice and pink, naturalish but still very noticeable (in a good way) when on. Also it's very pigmented - I only needed a little on my brush to get a nice bit of colour on my cheeks so I think this will last for ages. It has a mirror in the lid too which is a nice handy touch.

I was worried the blush might have too much glitter in it for my liking but actually I think it's just the right amount of shimmer, rather than obvious sparkle. I think it's a good shade for my colouring too. Anything paler wouldn't really show up on my skin tone. I do like quite obvious blush on me too, even if it is a crime against make-up! Also I think although it's pricey it will probably last for ages.

The gloss has grown on me - it has a little more gold to it than I would like. It is a nice colour though which I think quite suits me and I feel rather polished with it on. It's not sticky, it doesn't have any noticeable smell and it lasts a good few few hours so it is a good gloss in my book. I will also enjoy whipping it out in the ladies on a night out to look posh and fab - that's a bit sad isn't it but I always envy people I see using really good make-up!

The lip gloss is one of those suit everyone shades I think.  I have worn it alone and over lipsticks.  It looks really nice over a nude such as Gosh Darling and make other lipsticks a lot more wearable for me. 

So on to my attempts at photography....

And on my face - I don't think this comes across too well.  Any tips for taking close-ups of a made up face?  buy a better camera?!

I had another little go which wasn't much more of a success!  Excuse the randomness!

Hmmm, must try harder! haha

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  1. I was looking at this gloss today, I really want it but I just couldn't dish out the money for it! It's so pretty though. I just found your blog through Kaitlyn's, you sent her such lovely and amazing things in your swap!!

  2. Your look is Awesome. Which Lip Gloss and Eye Shadow you use?
    Make Your Own Lip Gloss

  3. Hi Jennifer - thanks, it was so much fun, I highly recommend it!

    Hi Salman - thanks a lot. In this picture the lip gloss is Nars Orgasm over the top of Gosh Darling lipstick (pale nude shade) and the eye shadow is Benefit creaseless cream shadow in birthday suit.

  4. i've had nars orgasm on my list forever! shame its so expensive =( glad you like the gloss, even though they are expensive i've fallen in love with the one i got (turkish delight) xx


  5. I really want to try orgasm! It looks lovely and everyone loves it so I might have to! xoxo


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