7 Jul 2010

Shoe lust of the month

Okay so I'm kidding myself that this will be a post I'll do every month, I'm far too disorganized, but here's some current shoe love.

My fave shoes that I just recently bought were in a recent post - I've worn these loads since I got them and get lots of comments.  They're so pretty in real life and I heart them lots. 
The next two pairs are shoes I'm considering buying.  Somehow I've managed to spend nearly all of my money already this month and it still about 3 weeks until pay day, so I'll have to consider carefully or fingers crossed they'll go into the sale.

Firstly these denim wedges which I've spied in an eBay shop for £40.  I was searching for high wedges as I've got two pairs of long linen trousers which I can only wear with really high shoes.  I'm currently wearing them with my tan wedges, but I want something else too.  These are nice and quirky, they have the demin trend and also ruffles which I love and are quite in at the moment too.  £40 is much more than I'd usually spend on something from eBay and to be honest they're probably a cheapie brand and not worth £40 so I'm going to keep looking to see if I can get them somewhere else for cheaper.
And the other pair on my shoe wish list are these vampy clogettes.  They're embracing clogs without being clogs I think, so I'm naming them clogettes.  I definately need these in my life so it would be great if the Dotty P gods popped them into the sale (size 4 please!) as they're £40 full price. 

Hmmm I luuuurve shoes =)

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