30 Aug 2010

Advice please - what to ask for from USA?

Hello my lovelies - just looking for a cheeky bit of advice this morning!

My Mum and Brother are going to the US next week and are offering to pick me up anything that I want - hooray!  I've made a list but am wondering if I've left out anything obviously wonderful that you guys would ask for if you were me.

This is the list so far of what I'm going to ask for.

Urban Decay Naked pallette

Urban Decay eye primer potion in new shade Eden

Too faced pallette in naked eye soft and sexy shadow collection

L'Oreal voluminious dramatic volume building mascara (because lollipop26 recommends it!)

Also, these are items I recently got from the US in a swap, so that's why they're not on my list.


Mint Julep face mask

Crest Whitestrips

Crest advanced white vivid toothpaste (love this so may ask for another)

Seche Vite top coat

Let me know of any fab recommendations if you don't mind!

Ta muchly xxx


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  3. yea defo covergirl mascara! and sephora brushes are great! :)

  4. That EOS lipbalm thing? You know the egg shaped sort of one? x

  5. Agree with the other comments in getting covergirl lash blast mascara!

  6. Thanks girls. I forgot to put the lash blast mascara on the list of things I got in my swap, so that's why I wasn't asking for that.

    I think I will ask for the egg lipbalm, I saw it on a youtube video the other day and it looked rather interesting!

  7. I really like the look of the NYC cream blush sticks, have seen them on a few US blogs. They should be pretty cheap too!

    Anna x

  8. Yuo should get some stuff from NYX range!

    Check out my giveaway!


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