28 Aug 2010

I'm back after surviving hen do and bridal shower shenanigans!

If anyone noticed I'd dissappeared lately, it's because I've been arranging my best friend's bridal shower and hen do.  It engulfed my life, literally!  It all went down last weekend and rather well too even if I say so myself, so I'm back to my usual little world of twitter, blogging, facebook, ebay, asos and general online time wasting =)

When planning the hen do and bridal shower, I found a distinct lack of inspiration online.  I thought I'd find loads of websites and blog entries etc with tips and plans all laid out for me, but sadly it was mostly companies trying to sell you a weekend away package or a set of ten glow-in-the-dark, L-plate clad, willy dangling, hot pink deely boppers.  Not very helpful. 

So I had to put my own little brain into gear as well as getting some inspiration from hen do photos on facebook and blogs that I follow, and now it's all over I've decided to blog about the lot of it in the hope of helpling some other stressed out little Chiefy B in the future.  Chiefy B is the name I've adopted by the way, "Matron of honour" sounds ancient and rather un-glam!

Here's a couple of pics to give you a flavour of what's to come =)



  1. It is so true my sister gets married in about four weeks eekkk and we both turned to the internet for inspiration for everything but found nothing I was quite surprised that nobody has picked up on this yet.

  2. My friends getting married next year and with so long to plan we had no idea the lack of anything decent online was going to be such a problem!! Got to love love heart sweets and huge cotails though!!!! x


  3. Yay people who feel my pain! haha! I will definately blog in great detail about how I did the hen do and bridal shower if it's likely to help someone next time! Just waiting for my friend to give me some of her photos as I forgot to take more than about 3 at the bridal shower!

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