26 Sept 2010

Bridal shower how to part 2: pass the parcel

Now if like me you haven't played pass the parcel since you were knee high, you'll firstly remember how much fun it was, but secondly you might wonder how it can translate in a bridal shower-worthy game for adults!  Fear not, I've figured it out....

I went out a bought lots of lovely little trinkets and goodies to wrap within the layers and some gorgeous goodies to go in the middle as the main prize, then spent ages wrapping it all up in pretty wrap and tissue. 

My main sticking point was how to actually play the game.  When you do Pass the Parcel with kids, an adult stops the music and basically cheats to make sure all the kids have a go.  This seemed a bit dull for the bridal shower, so intead I decided to write instructions inside each layer. 

I managed to get lots of lovely costume jewellery in Primark and in the sales.  I got some absolutely lovely stuff from Dorothy Perkins which was all reduced to £1 or less online!  Of course I put in some make-up, candles, hair clips, badges etc.  I quickly realised that some of the prizes were going to be too bulky to wrap in the layers, so I made a lucky dip bag and wrote on some of the layers to "See Cheify B for your lucky dip prize".  There were a couple of boys at the bridal shower, so boy gifts were wrapped in blue!

Writing the instructions on the parcel proved to be a real laugh as I mixed in simple stuff like "pass the parcel 8 times to the right" with fun stuff like "pass the parcel to someone who looks hot today" and "pass the parcel to the person who you think will be drunk first tonight" (although not so funny when that one was passed to me by the bride!).  I also threw in a few complete set ups like "pass the parcel to the Bride" and "pass the parcel to the tallest person" - I knew who that would be so could plan something in-jokey for what they would unwrap in their layer...

Nipple tassels - don't ask!

The main prize in the middle was a pretty make-up bag filled with some Lush bombs, make-up and Jewellery and it was won by the Bride's auntie and then was promptly stolen by her daughters!

It went down so well, I was so pleased! I thoroughly recommend doing this for a bridal shower or a hen party - you could put dares inside the layers too. It was so much fun I'm trying to work out when could be another suitable occasion to play pass the parcel! Halloween?! =)



  1. Such a nice idea! I love how you put so much effort into it with the instructions. I want to do this; pass the parcel was my favourite party game as a child! It's so much better than musical chairs! I love unwrapping things haha x


  2. Aw, that's a really sweet pass-the-parcel. The only adult ones I've made have been mean and nasty ones!

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun!



  4. Thanks girls, it was so much fun, brought out the kid in everyone I think! x


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